Sheriff’s Blotter: Dec. 14-21

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from Dec. 14 to Dec. 21.


69 calls to 911

37 requests for medical help


35 requests for a fire department

35 requests for assistance

24 suspicious reports

21 reports of disturbances

12 reports to CHP

12 civil reports

9 REMSA reports

7 reports of harassment

7 reports of involving trespassing

7 alarms reported

6 reports of assisting other agencies

6 citations reported

6 probation reports

6 animal control reports

5 requests for welfare checks

5 assaults reported

5 housing reports

4 traffic reports

4 thefts reported

4 arrests reported

4 SIFC reports

3 reports of fraud and scams

3 reports of domestic violence

3 reports involving a juvenile or child

3 reports of vandalism



A caller reported that she had been drinking and was upset due to a friend’s death. Her husband and daughter were home but she said she was outside alone. A deputy charged her with being intoxicated.

Someone from probation reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with domestic battery and child endangerment. The information was transferred to victim witness, the district attorney and child protective services.


A caller reported that a man was attacking his mother. The man was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, defacing property and interfering with an officer in the line of duty.


Sunday, Dec. 20

Cat’s home

In Portola, reported that a van was missing from a residence. It was gone since the previous evening. All of the lights in the house were on and the cat was home. The reporting party called and a female answered the phone and then hung up. A deputy tried to contact the people.

Invasion of privacy

In Chester, a caller reported that her neighbors were harassing her. They were putting up cameras that faced directly into her living room. A deputy contacted the security camera company and they said the cameras weren’t directed into the residence. There is no legal standing to make someone removed a camera from the side of the house.

 Saturday, Dec. 19


Citation issued

In Greenville, a deputy reported that on a probation check, a citation was issued to a man who was charged with possession of methamphetamine and probation violation.

Citation reported

In Crescent Mills, a woman was cited and charged with driving without a valid license, driving an unregistered vehicle, and weaving inside a lane.

Disturbance reported

In Portola, a caller reported a possible disturbance that could be physical. The caller could hear someone banging and making loud noise. The sounds were coming from an apartment. A deputy said that some people were arguing and one of the people agreed to leave.

 Friday, Dec. 18

Loiterer reported

In Quincy, it was reported that a young man was loitering in front of a store. He was asked several times to leave. He was making the women employees uncomfortable. The caller wanted a deputy to assist. The man was trespassed from the store.

Tree down


In Quincy, a caller reported that a tree fell on live wires and that smoke was seen. Quincy Fire Department and PG&E were paged.

Citation reported

In Portola, a citation was issued to a woman who was charged with driving an unregistered vehicle, and no proof of financial responsibility.

Is the sky falling?

In Quincy, a caller reported that a suspicious acting man was yelling at the sky. A deputy contacted the man and he denied yelling.

Mail found

In Quincy, a caller reported receiving a call from a man who said that her mail and some other people’s mail was found at Oakland Camp.

 Thursday, Dec. 17

Heading north

On Highway 89 near Blairsden, a caller asked if a deputy could check on someone who was walking in the roadway. The person was walking northbound in the southbound lane. The person was dressed in black and had a headlamp. The caller said that someone from Caltrans thought the person was lost. A deputy was unable to locate the walker. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Trespassers reported


In Graeagle, a caller reported seeing a man on his property. Then when he opened the door the person was leaving. He was wearing all dark cloths. The caller said this is an ongoing issue with trespassers and other odd things happening at his house. A deputy contacted the caller and he requested extra patrol checks because a suspicious vehicle kept driving up and down the street. The information was transferred to Portola. Then the caller reported that he heard a noise outside. He said the noises were making him nervous. A deputy contacted the caller and the man appeared to be OK. The deputy was unable to locate anything suspicious. The deputy thought the caller might be under the use of drugs as well as stress. The reporting party called again and said he thought someone was outside. Then he learned that it was his neighbor starting his truck.

Truck’s stuck


In Portola, a caller reported that a neighbor’s truck was parked in front of her driveway so the snowplow couldn’t clear that area. The neighbor was asked to move it but they said it didn’t run. A deputy said that the city of Portola was handling the complaint and the truck was moved.

Tree down

On Highway 147 at the county line, a caller reported that a tree fell in the roadway and was blocking both lanes. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Too embarrassed to call

In Portola, a caller reported that a woman texted saying that someone else broke her car windows and stole her car keys that also held her storage unit key. The reporting party thought that the woman was too embarrassed to report the issues herself. A deputy spoke to the woman who recanted her statement.

Assault reported

In Taylorsville, a caller reported that they have a victim of an assault that took place the night before. The victim had bruises on the head and back and a swollen left knee. A deputy said the victim was uncooperative.

Unusual find


In Quincy, a caller reported finding syringes close to a shopping cart in a field. A deputy located the syringes and was going to dispose of them.

Eyes closed, still driving

Eastbound on Highway 70 past C Road, a caller reported that a driver was traveling at inconsistent speeds and was swerving across the centerline and the white line. The caller said she passed the car in the passing lanes and the driver’s eyes were closed. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Disturbance reported

In Graeagle, a caller reported having an argument with his girlfriend. She told him to get out and ripped his headphone off his head. She then threw his Xbox into the hallway. Then she slammed the door in his face. The parties were separated. No weapons were involved. A deputy provided a civil standby at the house so the caller could get his items. The deputy said they agreed to keep the peace. She called and asked to speak to a deputy because the boyfriend was causing problems and breaking her TV. The deputy provided a civil standby and once again the agreed to keep the peace

 Wednesday, Dec. 16


(No reports available)

 Tuesday, Dec. 15

Music to sleep by

On Highway 89 and Lake Almanor West Drive, the CHP requested that a deputy check out a suspicious truck. The vehicle was running and music was playing loudly, but the truck had been in the same location for over an hour. The reporting party said she knocked on the truck’s window but didn’t get a response from inside. The windows were tinted so she couldn’t see inside. A deputy contacted the man inside who was fine but was taking a nap. His mother then picked him up.

Two vehicles towed

Someone from the Plumas County code enforcement program reported that two vehicles were towed away from Lee Road.

Parties separated

In Greenville, a caller reported that his son choked him. The father and son were separated. The reporting party went to a neighbor’s house. The son was at home alone. He also had multiple knives either in his possession or in the house. It was then reported that the son was leaving, possibly enroute to Chester. It was reported that the son was homeless but had a storage unit in the Chester area. The father declined medical aid several times and was going back to his house.

Only the shadows know


In Graeagle, someone called and reported hearing  multiple people outside his home. Then he said he could no longer see or hear what was causing the concern. A deputy wasn’t in the area. The man was told to call back in case of vandalism or missing things, in the morning. A few minutes later, the caller said that three people were walking around his property and that of the neighbor’s. A deputy contacted the reporting party who said he heard noises that could have been from a bear or a raccoon. He then saw shadows in the forest. It turned out the man didn’t actually see a person. A deputy said it was most likely wildlife.

Early bird sees what someone else is doing

In Chester, it was reported that a man parks his vehicle in a parking lot and walks to the corner of two streets. The reporting party said this happens almost every morning at 3 a.m. The caller said he would contact an apartment manager of what was occurring.

On the loose


In Delleker, a caller reported that two pitbulls were running loose all the time. They reportedly attacked some people and ripped someone’s jeans. It’s gotten bad enough the caller might move. The caller didn’t know who owned the dogs. The information was transferred to animal control. It was reported to be an old issue and animal control had issued a citation.

Planned burn

On Bucks Lake Road, the USFS was planning a controlled burn near Timberline Inn and the Quarry.

A long story to tell

In Quincy, a caller reported that his father’s car was stolen. He wasn’t very forthcoming with information to dispatch. Then he said it was “A long story that he would not explain to dispatch,” and wanted a deputy. The CHP said the car was not stolen. It was parked directly behind the CHP substation in Quincy at a job site. A deputy did speak to the reporting party and provided civil procedures. The caller did say that one man did not give another man permission to drive the car.

Finger marks noted


In Portola, staff in the emergency room requested that a deputy investigate a possible case of domestic violence in the ER. Someone noticed bruising and finger marks over the legs and arms of a patient. There was also evidence of a nosebleed. It was apparent that the patient was kicked but she would not provide a name of the suspect. A deputy tried to speak to the victim who had been drinking, and she was uncooperative. The victim eventually left the facility on foot. The deputy was going to the victim’s house to make sure no one was there. The deputy was also going to give the victim a ride. When the deputy contacted the woman at her house, she had gotten a ride home from someone else and then yelled at the deputy. She wouldn’t let him check her residence to make sure she was safe.

They’re sending in SWAT!


In Crescent Mills, a caller said he was convinced that members of the SWAT team were going to storm his house. He didn’t want them to hurt his dog or break down his door. He said that all of his weapons were properly secured. Then he said the deputies were getting ready to coming in but he couldn’t see any of them right then. He said it was about being investigated for accidental fraud.

Wanted on a warrant

In Quincy, someone from probation reported they have a man in custody that was wanted on a warrant. They were taking him to jail.

Witnessed a knife on a stick

In Portola, a caller reported seeing someone vandalize his own car. He knew part of the vandal’s name and described what he was wearing. He also had a knife on a stick. The individual then left going down an alley. A deputy said there was no vandalism. A juvenile fell next to a vehicle and the caller happened to come out of the house yelling at the same time. It scared the juvenile. It was all a misunderstanding.

There and then gone


In Quincy, a caller reported that she lost her wireless Bluetooth headphones while out running. She wasn’t sure where she might have lost them. She provided a number in case someone found them.

Lights on, nobody home?

In Greenville, a caller reported that her friend invited her to his house. Then he wasn’t answering his phone. The caller went to the house and found her friend’s truck in the driveway. It was running and the lights were on. The caller left and a sergeant contacted the man who happened to be sleeping.

Disturbing others

In Chester it was reported that a man and a woman were arguing. They also wouldn’t answer any questions they were asked. It was reported that the woman was yelling and the man had a knife in his hand. Both people had been drinking. Someone attempted to reconnect with the two and tried to send a voice message but it was full. A deputy reported that the man left on foot and the deputy was on the lookout for him. The deputy then contacted a friend who said the man was sleeping on his couch for the night. He wouldn’t return home.

Monday, Dec. 14


Theft reported

In Greenville, a caller reported that some items had been stolen. A deputy attempted to contact the caller and got no answer.

Car vandalized

In Quincy, a caller reported that someone vandalized a car. The back window was shattered. A deputy contacted the caller who said he would go to the sheriff’s office to make a report.

Someone’s unhappy

At Seneca Hospital in Chester, a caller reported that a known woman was calling and harassing employees. She also told the caller to “watch herself.” She’d also told other employees they were going to lose their jobs. A deputy spoke to the suspect who was told to quit calling the facility. But just a little while later, another caller reported that the same woman was calling her and then hanging up. It was learned that she also texted her husband demanding a dehydrator back. A supervisor was looking to block the woman’s number. A deputy said that all of the calls were related. A woman reported that she was in the process of getting a restraining order against the woman who kept calling.

No fence wanted


In Quincy, a caller reported that she was putting up a fence between her residence and that of the neighbors. The neighbors said she couldn’t put up a fence and threatened to tear it out if she did. The man, who wanted a fence, asked that a deputy show up the following day when the fence was going up. The deputy contacted the caller and told him of the proper civil procedures to take. He requested extra patrol checks.

No trespassing, no wise cracks

In Portola, a caller reported getting harassed by an older teen. It was reported that the teen was going to the caller’s business, calling him names and saying that the caller  “can’t come to this small town.” A deputy spoke to the teen’s father who agreed to have his son contact a deputy. The deputy issued a trespass warning.

Cyber bullying reported

In Quincy, a caller reported receiving anonymous insults on an Instagram account. The comments ranged from normal insults such as “You’re dumb,” to violent threats. A friend of the victim also emailed Screenshots to a school administrator and a teacher. A deputy contacted the reporting party and obtained all juvenile and parents’ contact numbers. A deputy attempted to contact the victim and a parent and left a message. Then a deputy contacted the parents of all children involved in the incidents and they were to counsel their children. It was noted that the Instagram account, the school and the victim have no solid proof of which the account belonged to. A deputy spoke to a victim who said that no threats were made and she blocked the account.

Horn’s stuck


Westbound on the railroad tracks a caller reported that a train engine had its horn on for the last 10 to 15 minutes. The caller thought it must be stuck and didn’t know of a cause for concern. The information was passed on to Union Pacific who was going to contact the conductor.

Being stalked and harassed

In Quincy, a caller reported being stalked and harassed by a man he knew. The man threatened to beat up the caller who was in a wheelchair. The caller said he didn’t have a cell phone with him but was going to get it. A deputy contacted the caller who wanted the information on file. He said the threats were ongoing. A deputy explained the proper procedures for obtaining a temporary restraining order.

Harassment reported

In Portola, a caller reported being harassed by a manager and a maintance worker. It seemed they tried to give the caller a “notice of entry” but he pushed pass without a mask and threw the paper. The caller said he emailed corporate headquarters about being harassed by the manager but continues to be met with retaliation. All parties were separated.

Electrical fire reported


In Greenville, a caller reported that there was an electrical fire in her basement. She said she was outside and no one else was inside. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments were paged. The house was filled with smoke.

More harassment reported

In Quincy, a caller reported a verbal fight between himself and another man. The parties were separated and the suspect went home but was still threatening to return. A deputy contacted the caller and explained again how to get a temporary restraining order. The caller also requested that a trespass be issued. A second reporting party said the same man went to her house and caused a verbal problem before she closed the door and locked it. She was also give information on getting a temporary restraining order. The deputy was unable to locate the suspect but was going to continue to watch for him.

No gas


In Chester, a caller reported that someone at a business was accusing him of stealing gas. They said they had a video of him but the caller said it wasn’t him. A deputy said no crime occurred. It was a civil dispute about an incident in August.

Citation issued

In Quincy, a deputy reported citing a woman who was charged with not having a vehicle registered, and no proof of financial responsibility.

Fraud reported

In Greenville, a caller reported that someone was accessing his bank account. He thought it was a relative. He said there was no monetary loss at that time but asked to speak to a deputy.