Sheriff’s Blotter from Dec. 7 to Dec. 13

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from Dec. 7 to Dec. 13


  • 63 calls to dispatch
  • 30 requests for a fire department
  • 30 requests for assistance
  • 29 requests for medical
  • 25 calls to CHP
  • 20 reports involving suspicious circumstances
  • 16 reports of alarms
  • 14 civil cases
  • 10 reports of disturbances
  • 8 reports of theft
  • 8 cases involving juveniles and children
  • 8 probation reports
  • 6 reports to animal control
  • 5 citations
  • 5 reports of assisting other agencies
  • 5 reports to REMSA
  • 4 traffic-related reports
  • 4 mental health reports
  • 4 threats reported
  • 3 reports to the district attorney
  • 3 reports to child protective services
  • 3 arrests
  • 3 reports involving weapons
  • 3 reports involving embezzlement, fraud or scams




On Highway 89 on the Gold Lake Highway a caller reported a vehicle accident with multiple vehicles stopped. The information was transferred to the CHP. The CHP reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with driving under the influence.


The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence. A caller reported that a Ford truck was off the side of the road.


A caller reported that a man had been drinking and threatened her. He was wearing a cowboy hat, vest and black jeans. A deputy requested medical. Quincy Fire and Plumas District Hospital were called, along with REMSA. The man was arrested and charged with willfully threatening to do great bodily harm or result in death, and attempting to prevent an officer from doing his job.


Sunday, Dec. 13

Panhandling suspect

In Chester, a caller reported seeing a suspicious person at the Chester Park the day before and that same person was seen at a business today. The man was approaching vehicles and asking customers for money and acting suspiciously. A deputy said he had moved on.


 Rocks in the roadway

On Highway 70 east of Belden, it was reported that rocks were in the road.

Abused by telepathy

In Quincy, a corrections officer reported that an inmate wanted a deputy to report a crime. She said that her father abused her as a child via telepathy.

 Saturday, Dec. 12

Spray-painted vehicle

In Beckwourth, second hand information was reported from the CHP that two bikers reported a suspicious man was yelling obscenities at them. He was driving a white van with a spray painted “3” on top of the hood. The CHP requested that a deputy be on the lookout for the van. A deputy checked to the county line and was unable to locate the van.

Riding in the snow

In the Humbug area east of Highway 89, a caller reported that a 12-year-old broke his wrist while riding his dirt bike. The information was transferred to SIFC. Someone thought that medical help could drive right to the boy and that the snow wasn’t too deep. A deputy was trying to locate the boy. SIFC was given the coordinates and the reporting party’s number and was heading that way. The CHP reported that they had a helicopter available if it was needed. A deputy reported being out with the parties. The victim was transported by SIFC.


Wanting the game to end!

In Quincy, dispatch reported receiving a call from a hysterical person. The caller wanted someone to go to her house because it was flooding. She said the pipes were frozen. Then she said she wanted her child back and wanted the game to end. When the caller was asked how dispatch could help, she hung up. Dispatch attempted to call back. A woman was upset and started yelling that dispatch knew her situation and that her family was playing a game on her and she wanted it to end. She then disconnected. A deputy attempted to contact the caller and left a message.

Just called to say goodbye

In Delleker, another police department reported that a man called 911 from Stockton and said that her boyfriend called her to say he’d been stabbed and is bleeding out. He was saying goodbye. The victim did say he knew who stabbed him. Someone in Citrus Heights was on the phone with the victim who said he was alone and bleeding. The police were pinging his location. A deputy attempted to contact the victim. He was fund in a back bedroom and was belligerent but appeared to be OK. A deputy couldn’t see any injuries on the victim.


Holiday charging time

In Graeagle, a caller reported that there were two charges on her debit card made by a prior foster child for $692. An iPhone was purchased.

Citation issued

In Quincy a man was issued a citation and charged with violating probation

Spending time in a winter forest

On the Chester-Warner Valley Road, it was reported that someone was stuck in the snow and spent the night in the forest. Two people were in the vehicle with a dog. The reporting party said they were approximately five miles up the road and there was about five or six inches of snow on the ground. The CHP reported they would respond and attempt to locate the victims. The CHP was unable to reach them. The parties were out and the vehicle was unstuck. Deputies were following them out.

 Friday, Dec. 11

Receiving half a load

In Chester, a caller reported buying a load of wood from someone. He gave him the money but only received half of the wood. He wanted either the rest of the wood or his money back. The suspect had another explanation about the situation. Civil procedures were explained to both parties.


Missing person reported

In Chester, a caller said that her juvenile son had been missing for a week. The caller could contact the boy only through ICloud messaging. A probation officer wouldn’t issue a warrant without a missing persons report filed. The report was filed.

Dog on guard

In Crescent Mills, a caller said that his neighbor’s dog was being aggressive and barking. The dog wouldn’t let him get out of his yard to his car. The reporting party called back to say the dog went after a woman walking down the street. He said he yelled at it to get it away from her. Animal control reported that the dog was secured and information was left with the dog’s owner.

Firearms, grenades and cameras

In Crescent Mills, a caller reported that she was afraid for her brother’s safety. She thought he was being stalked. The individual was threatening the family and others. The caller said the suspect had firearms and grenades and said he had planted cameras at the family’s residence so he could spy on them. The caller said this has been going on for several months. They had tried to solve the problem before reporting it. A deputy provided information on getting a temporary restraining order.


Snooping around

In Portola, a caller reported that trespassing was occurring at a storage facility. The suspect was looking in storage containers and units and some of the locks were cut off the units. A deputy contacted someone connected with the facility that didn’t think anything was stolen. A patrol check was requested and a deputy was on the lookout for a specific older model pickup and was unable to locate it.

Wood in the roadway

On Highway 147 just before Highway 89, a caller reported that a truck blew a tire and that wood was blocking the road. The caller thought the driver was walking toward Greenville. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Reporting a wood chuck

In Crescent Mills, a caller reported that a neighbor was throwing wood that had been given to her into the street. There was arguing and yelling between the parties. The caller calmed down and said that the neighbor was picking it up again and was going to return it to its proper place.


Don’t believe it

A caller in Portola said that she received a call saying there was a warrant out for her arrest by the Federal Reserve.

He’s going to hurt somebody

In Portola, a detective from Washoe requested that deputies check a resident for a wanted person. The name of the individual was provided. The suspect had allegedly told his mother that he would attempt to hurt police if they tried to arrest him. There was a warrant out for the man’s arrest for sexual assault on a child. The detective thought the individual might be hiding in a residence and knew where the key was kept. The detective had attempted to contact the homeowners. A Plumas sheriff’s detective contacted the homeowners and they gave the deputies permission to enter the home. They also said the suspect didn’t have permission to be there. A deputy reported that it looked like no one had been in the residence for a while.


Not a merry driver

Northbound on Highway 89 near Crescent Mills, a caller said that a driver was following too close and honking. Then the car passed on the right shoulder in a turnout. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Where did she climb?

Near the Grizzly Dome Tunnel, a caller reported that he was climbing and saw a female hiker. When he returned at dark her vehicle was still there and he was concerned for her safety. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Arsonist afoot?

In Chester, a caller said that a man came into a business and purchased a lighter. He then asked for napkins. The caller thought the man should be arrested for arson. The deputy said the suspect was gone when he arrived and a BOLO was sent out in the area.

 Thursday, Dec. 10

Noises outside

In Quincy, a caller reported that she could hear noises outside her residence. She didn’t know if animals or a person was causing them. The caller said that the day before a man walked into her house. A deputy checked the area and said it was suspicious circumstances only. A deputy contacted the caller and the home was secure.


Citation issued

In Quincy, a deputy reported citing a man who was charged with violating probation terms, driving without a license, and failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility. His vehicle was impounded.

Thrifty place to call home

In Portola, a deputy received a request to do a welfare check on a person who was thought to be living in a thrift store. The man wasn’t in the building and the deputy learned he was in Reno in the hospital.

Being startled

In Quincy, a caller requested extra patrol checks at the post office. A man reportedly had his hands in his pocket and confronted a postal worker. It startled the worker. Another worker got out of his vehicle and yelled at the suspect who took off. The man was described and the direction that he left in was given. A deputy couldn’t find anyone around the post office except employees.


RV out of place

In Chester, a caller reported that a man was potentially squatting in an RV that was towing a Jeep. The man had dogs that were chained up outside. A deputy contacted the individual who agreed to move on. He was waiting for a smog test on his vehicle. The deputy reported that the CHP had the van towed.

Strike one, or was it?

In Greenville, a caller reported that her husband might be in an assault with a man with a bat. She was told to call the police. A deputy reported that they were arguing and that the man who didn’t live there would be trespassed from the property. The deputy was unable to find the man. The bat turned out to be a rolled up newspaper.

Taking care of business

In Portola, an animal control officer got a call from a man who said that the neighbor’s dog would get out and run down the road causing havoc. He said that if they went after himself or his grandkids he, “Knows how to take care of business.”


Not so welcome beginning

In Delleker, a caller reported that a man was throwing her things out of the house and was causing a disturbance. A newborn baby was present but safe. The caller said that she was trying to get her things and that he was overpowering her in order to throw the things outside. No weapons were involved and there was no reason given for the escalation. The CHP assisted the sheriff’s office. A deputy spoke to everyone and the woman left. The man was still belligerent and refused to leave the house.

Unusual vehicle noted

In Quincy, a caller reported that her postal worker said that two little boys were following his car and then were playing in the street. They also tried to jump on the vehicle’s bumper. The postal worker tried to counsel them. The children didn’t appear to have any parental supervision. A deputy counseled the children and said they were curious about the Jeep. The information was transferred to the district attorney and child protection services.


He’s not so well

In Greenville at the Wellness Center, a caller reported that a man was there and damaged the door when he left.

 Wednesday, Dec. 9

Electrical fire reported

In Quincy, a caller reported that there was an electrical fire in the neighbor’s apartment. Quincy Fire Department was paged and the fire was extinguished.

Will get right to it!

In Portola, a welfare request advised that a student hadn’t been online for school since before Thanksgiving. A deputy contacted the juvenile who said they would log on Zoom for class right now.

Absent from Zoom

Also in Portola, another welfare check was requested for a second student at a different address who hadn’t been online since before Thanksgiving. A deputy reported that the residence was vacant.

Controlled burn reported

On Beardsley Grade near Taylorsville the USFS reported that they would be doing a controlled burn.

Items might be stolen?


In Chester, a caller reported finding possible stolen items in a field on Meadow Brook Loop. The items included a saw and a dolly. The property was related to a burglary case.

Assault reported

In Chester, a woman reported that her boyfriend pushed her. He left and a sergeant reported being unable to locate him. The boyfriend called to say the reporting party wouldn’t let him in the house. He said the altercation with her wasn’t physical.

Dog issues

Near Chilcoot, a caller reported that the neighbors’ dog were on his property and around his livestock. The caller requested advice on how to handle dogs and wanted to know if he had a right to shoot them. It was five pitbulls. The information was passed on to animal control.

It’s mine now!

In Quincy, a caller reported that a woman was refusing to return his vehicle after he let her borrow it the previous day. A message was left for the caller. A deputy was going to try to locate the vehicle. It was considered a civil issue between the two parties and civil procedures were explained. A deputy contacted the woman and she was returning the car.


Scam reported

In Portola, a deputy received a report from a woman who said she received a call from a power company saying they were going to shut off her power for not paying her bill.

Sending the wrong message

In Quincy, a caller reported that there was an unresponsive man in the post office. He was lying on the ground. Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital were paged. Medical wasn’t required because the man said that he went into the building to get warm after missing the bus.

The scent of intruders

In Chester, a caller reported that she was having issues with intruders. She said she reported them earlier and spoke to a deputy. The deputy told her to call back if they came in again to have it documented. She said she knew that they were outside her residence because she could smell their perfume. She said she would call again if she felt unsafe or required a deputy.


Assault reported

In Graeagle, a caller requested medical for a man with a head injury who was exhibiting symptoms. The caller said the man was in a fight about 30 minutes earlier. The other person left the area. The information was transferred to Eastern Plumas Health Care and Graeagle and Plumas Eureka fire department.

Tuesday, Dec. 8

No report given

Monday, Dec. 7

Lights on, bear at home

In Quincy, a caller reported that the lights were on at a house. The caller was concerned because the lights were on for three weeks. Vehicles were parked around the house and it looked like a bear had been in the trash. A deputy contacted a woman at the address and learned that she always leaves a light on and they haven’t cleaned up after the bear visited them.

Where are their home goods?

In Graeagle, a caller reported the theft of all of their possessions by a moving company. A company picked up everything in mid-November and it didn’t arrive at the new location by Dec. 2. The reporting party said they had a signed contract with a well known moving and storage company. It was learned that company sub-contracts with another company and the caller couldn’t get a hold of anyone.


Runoff the road

Eastbound on Highway 70, a caller reported that she was almost sideswiped by a red pickup truck and it also ran her off the roadway. The caller said that the driver of the truck, a lone man, also ran a red light. The caller was able to get a partial plate number. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Unsettling call

In Quincy, a caller reported receiving a threatening voicemail from someone the caller didn’t know. The individual threatened to stab the man and his family. A deputy called the suspect’s phone number several times. The phone would ring and then there was a busy signal. The deputy was unable to leave a message. The area code was from Pennsylvania.

Pay up or else!

In Delleker, a caller said that his landlord falsely accused him of owing her money. She said if he didn’t pay up she would evict him in three days. The deputy didn’t get an answer when he attempted to contact the caller.


Some picture!

In Chester, a caller reported the theft of a portrait valued at $5,000. The picture was in her home. A sergeant advised the caller of civil procedures.

Up on the rooftop

In Greenville, a caller reported seeing flames from a possible chimney fire on the house across the street. The caller was unsure if anyone was home. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments were paged. There was no chimney fire it was a controlled burn.

Take the hint

In Chester, a caller said that her boyfriend moved all of her things out of the house. He wasn’t home but he sent her a text. A deputy contacted the man who said he put everything outside so she could pick it up. No further assistance was needed.