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Sheriff’s Blotter June 26-28: More spills into waterways, lightning fires more odd behavior

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individual’s names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of activity for June 26-28

June 26

Looking for smoke

2:39 a.m. Portola. A caller reports a suspicious male in a black beanie with brown pants and a jacket wearing a backpack is walking around near the engineering shop in the back and said he was looking for a cigarette. The caller requested the information be on file and a patrol check be done. 10:35 a.m. The information was sent to patrol, no other calls were received.

Only memories remain

2:45 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports a structure fire at the Harlem Club and it is unknown if occupants are out. PDH and Quincy Fire were paged. 2:49 a.m. Meadow Valley Fire and Greenhorn Fire were paged. 2:55 a.m. Indian Valley Fire and Crescent Mills Fire were paged. 2:57 a.m. Quincy Fire Support Team was paged. 3:07 a.m. USFS was notified. 3:17 a.m. Red Cross was notified. 3:21 a.m. A large structure fire at the Harlem Club in Quincy, only one person displaced. 3:35 a.m. The victim is staying at a local residence for now. 6:30 a.m. A message was left for the Building Dept. 6:28 p.m. A check of the fire area confirmed a citizen’s report of hot spots smoldering. Quincy Fire was paged. 7:09 p.m. Quincy Fire advised the hot spot was handled.

I want you to look but I won’t tell you where

7:08 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports her niece snuck out during the night. The subject and her boyfriend were named. The caller will be at home for contact. 7:48 a.m. A Sgt. spoke to the caller who does not want to file a missing person report yet, just requests units be on the lookout for the subject. 8:56 a.m. CPS believes the subject is in Portola but refuses to tell them where.

Land dispute

9:29 a.m. Graeagle. A caller reports a problem with a neighbor who yelled at her over a property line issue. The subject ripped out the markers that the caller paid a contractor to put in. The subject also has workers coming to put up a fence on the caller’s property. 9:41 a.m. The subject called advising her neighbor is refusing to let her workers do their job. The parties were advised to stay away from each other. 10:07 a.m. A detective contacted both parties and civil procedures were provided. 11:18 a.m. The subject recontacted to advise that the caller continues to harass workers that are attempting to build a fence between the properties. 11:49 a.m. The detective recontacted the parties in person and advised of civil procedures again. They both agreed to keep the peace.

Another good deed punished

9:56 a.m. Chilcoot. A caller reports his elderly parents let a transient stay at her house and now she is trying to defraud them out of their home. The subject got a notarized letter from the bank to steal the home and bank accounts. The subject was named. 11:23 a.m. The other brother called on the same incident on June 23 and requested a deputy come and remove the subject. 2:29 p.m. The female subject left on her own. The female was given a trespass warning from the address as well.

Lose your phone?

10:10 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports she found a backpack full of cell phones on her property, possibly stolen items.

Wild times

12:13 p.m. Lake Almanor. A caller reports an abandoned kayak on the water two miles south of Hamilton Branch. It is a turquoise green kayak with a towel on it. There are no swimmers in the area. 12:24 p.m. The caller was contacted by Boat Patrol and confirmed an abandoned kayak and no victims in the lake. There is a current lightning storm preventing Boat Patrol from retrieving the kayak at this time. They will attempt it when the weather conditions improve.

Property dispute

12:47 p.m. Greenville. A caller reports a stolen sign with a bench. The subject is his brother. The caller said a known person provided information that he was going to assault the caller with mace when he tried to retrieve it. The caller said the sign/bench is visible in the front yard of the subject’s residence on Hwy 89. 2:08 p.m. A Sgt. contacted the caller and advised no theft. It is a dispute over ownership of a display at Nells’ Town Pump. The caller requested a civil standby to retrieve the property. The caller was advised that a deputy will contact them when available. 5:32 p.m. Civil standby complete.

Log limit

1:12 p.m. West Shore Lake Almanor. A caller reports a large log in the lake, approximately 6 feet from shore. 1:24 p.m. Boat Patrol advised PG&E was notified to remove the log as the size exceeds the limits for Boat Patrol.

Heads up

2:35 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports smoke near Quincy Junction Road and American Way in the forest area. The caller said there are no flames, just smoke. USFS was notified.

Fire engine red

3:28 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports an aggressive driver on Quincy Junction Road who followed her into her driveway. The license plate was provided for the red Ford truck. The information was given to CHP.

Second door-to-door set of salespeople in a week

4:12 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a suspicious subject, possibly a door-to-door salesman. The caller is concerned they are casing the houses. The subject was in a black Chevy Suburban seen in the area several times in the last hour. 4:50 p.m. A Sgt. advised contacting the subject who confirmed they are Kirby Vacuum salesmen who have been contacting customers in the area.

Random hit

6:43 p.m. Graeagle. A caller reports a tree fire from a lightning strike on Wishram Trail. The information was sent to USFS. Graeagle Fire and Plumas Eureka Fire were paged. 8:06 p.m. Beckwourth Fire advised the fire is out. USFS will continue to monitor the spot.

Double tag

7:16 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports a lightning strike fire on Beckwourth/Genesee Road three miles across from the Ceresola Ranch. The information was sent to USFS.

Local Kirby art might sell better

7:52 p.m. Crescent Mills. A caller reports door-to-door, three salespeople, all males, for carpet cleaning. There was no vehicle seen. The caller was advised that deputies had already checked out the subjects and they are selling Kirby vacuums. The caller requested the information be on file.

June 27

About last night …

2:58 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports a flare-up at the Harlem Club. Quincy Fire was paged. 8:16 a.m. Assistance complete.

Pre-emptive and preventive

7:59 a.m. Keddie. A caller reports they will be burning in the Butterfly Valley area today. 2:37 p.m. Multiple calls were received today. Calls came in reporting the smoke from Twain, Doyle, Quincy, Meadow Valley, and Mohawk.

Out of place

8:10 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports someone painted a racists swastika on his trailer parked at the Harlem Club. He is worried someone will burn down his trailer next. 9:33 a.m. A deputy filed a criminal report.

Another spill?  How about a process revision, please?

9:27 a.m. Belden. OES is reporting a hazmat spill of 500 gallons of drilling fluid into the Feather River. There is no impact to drinking water. PG&E stated that they are doing borings on Hwy 70 under a culvert. A frac-out happened causing the release into the Feather River and is unrecoverable.


10:02 a.m. Lake Almanor. A caller reports last night a boy was shot with a pellet gun by subjects who also shot at a dog. The subject has a grey Jeep, and the plate number was given. There were several people in the vehicle that shot the guns. The caller will call back with more information. 10:39 am. The caller/father reported his child was not struck; the pellet hit his backpack. 11:39 a.m. A deputy spoke with the caller/father who said unknown subjects shot at them with airsoft guns, there were no injuries.

Lincoln-sized log

11:17 a.m. Lake Almanor. A caller reports a 20’ log in the water west of Lake Cove Resort on the east shore of Hwy 147. 11:55 a.m. Boat Patrol advised moving the log to a safe place. PG& E was notified and will remove it today.

Our lives on camera at all times

1:25 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a theft from the store last night, she has it on video. 3:14 p.m. A deputy created a criminal report.

Hot wheels search for the perfect burger

1:43 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports her 95-year-old father left on a scooter from Main St. when she tried to catch him and tell him to go home. He was last seen at Lucio’s “waiting for a hamburger” 15 minutes ago. He is on a red 4-wheel. 1:59 p.m. The caller called back to report she located her father and is escorting him home. Nothing further is needed.

Nightmarish plot

3:15 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a known male subject kicked the door to her crawlspace. The suspect was last seen sitting on a bench near the stoplight. The caller said the suspect has been living under her residence. 4:18 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller and reported suspicious circumstances and requested the information be on file.

Way up there

3:23 p.m. La Porte. A caller reports smoke seen west of Delahunty Lake. They just had rain and lightning about 20 minutes ago. The caller was transferred to Grass Valley Fire, and USFS dispatch was notified.

Ready to celebrate freedom!

4:45 p.m. Portola. A caller reports they are stuck in mud in a 2016 silver GMC Sierra, the caller and her husband. 5:14 p.m. The caller said that the tow truck is on its way.

Sighting … High Sierra on the horizon

7:18 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports 10 vans parking on Railway and all subjects walked into town but the caller is concerned they are going to camp overnight and then won’t have anywhere to go to the bathroom. 7:32 p.m. Units will not respond at this time. 8:57 p.m. No vans were on Railway and other vans in the area are lawfully parked.

Double down

8:51 p.m. Greenville. A female subject vehicle was searched at Round Valley Reservoir resulting in the female being charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. A male subject was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and parole violation.

June 28

Gordon not Lightfoot

1:03 a.m. Portola. A caller reports someone is on the roof of the old phone company building. 1:24 a.m. A deputy advised two male subjects were on the roof and then got down and took off on foot. The information is on file. 2:29 a.m. The caller recontacted and believed the subjects are back and pushing around a dumpster. 2:42 a.m. The deputy checked the area but was unable to locate the subjects.

Just passing through

7:14 a.m. Bucks Lake. A caller stayed on the line and said he is okay and stated his phone accidentally called. The subject said that he is on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Not a good time to wander with all the out of towners coming in

7:52 a.m. Greenville. A caller reports a cow on the highway near Green Meadows Apartments.

How many gallons is too much?

7:53 a.m. Storrie. A caller stated that due to boring, a rock fractured and released 5 gallons of drilling fluid into the Feather River. The substance is unrecoverable. The report shows containment.

Big job and added atmosphere for High Sierra 

7:56 a.m. Keddie. A caller reports a controlled burn will take place through the day. USFS will be burning over 100 acres.

Watch out for deer

8:27 a.m. Portola. A caller reports he hit a deer on Grizzly Road and the deer is not dead. The caller was transferred to CHP.

Bow wow, who’s in the doghouse?

11:43 a.m. Greenville. A caller would like his Chihuahua picked up from his trailer at Round Valley Lake. The caller advised his dog has no teeth and is not vicious, his name is Buddy. 11:49 a.m. The jail contacted and reported that the son picked up the dog last night and no further assistance is needed.

Where have you been?

11:47 a.m. Portola. A deputy requested information be given to Fish and Wildlie of a bear eating out of the trash on the east side of Riverside.

Extended stay

2:34 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports squatters about 200 yards left of the OHV trailhead in the area of Four Corners on Mount Hough. The squatter camp has multiple vehicles, RV trailer, trash, and multiple children’s toys. There is a broken-down purple pickup, a white Ford Escort and the RV. License plate numbers were provided. The caller has not made personal contact. He left a notice today at 2:15 p.m. the caller is concerned due to the children’s items. 4:13 p.m. A deputy contacted the male half. There are no children and no signs of any children. The male half said he will be vacating the property tomorrow.

Unfair advantage

3:49 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a white Toyota pickup hit a man on an electric bike. The vehicle took off while on the phone. The vehicle was last seen heading west on Hwy 70. The caller was unsure if the victim needed medical help and advised he was standing up and seemed okay. The caller was transferred to CHP to advise them of the hit and run. CHP transferred the call back and requested medical. 3:52 p.m. Beckwourth Fire was paged and EPHC. 4:54 p.m. An accident report was filed.

Welcome to the system

7:43 p.m. Quincy. A female subject was arrested on Mill Creek and Forest View Lane on charges of possession of methamphetamine, under the influence of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Welcome back to the system

8:16 p.m. Quincy. A male subject was arrested on Main Street downtown on charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jenny come home

9:34 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a black dog wandering in and out of the road on Main St. by the Post Office. The call was transferred to CHP.

June 28

Now that’s a fish story!

8:38 a.m. West Shore Lake Almanor. A caller from a local resort reported fraud checks were given at a fishing tournament in May 2023. Twenty-two checks were given equaling $20,000. Only two guys got paid, the other checks bounced. The suspect was named. Plumas Proper civil procedures were provided and advised the caller to contact local agencies in the state the crime occurred in.

Let’s get this party started

12:47 p.m. Quincy. Lee Annex Road RV overflow parking lot is requesting medical for a male who passed out. Quincy Fire and PDH were paged. 1:20 p.m. PDH cleared, the patient refused treatment against medical advice.

Why the sudden increase in spills? Let’s not keep the peace

1:51 p.m. Lake Almanor. A caller reports a skid steer leaking hydraulic fluid into the ditch and then the lake. The caller reports will need a Hazmat response. The call was transferred to SIFC. 12:53 p.m. The caller advised the subject cased a minor verbal argument and would not provide information on the name of the company he works for. A message was left for Environmental Health and OES. SIFC requested a deputy respond. 1:22 The location was given to the OES warning center. 1:45 An OES report was made and a deputy advised the skid steer was moved off the roadway. All parties agreed to keep the peace.

How can you mend a broken heart? How can you heal a tree once it’s cut down?

2:48 p.m. Quincy. A caller requests to speak to a deputy about someone or some company that cut down a 40-year-old tree that was in the middle of the yard. 4:57 p.m. A detective advised the tree is gone. The tree is within the boundary of the caller’s property line. A detective advised the caller to contact PG&E and will recontact with updated information. Civil procedures were provided.

We’ll be back in four days, oh, and we’ll take the plates with us

3:39 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a truck blocking the roadway in front of his residence. It is a brown and tan Chevy 2500 truck with no plates. The call was transferred to CHP.

Jumping hazard

5:33 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a pedestrian that was jumping in front of passing vehicles. The subject jumped in front of his vehicle. The subject was identified, and the call transferred to CHP.

Caution may have prevented tragedy

6:26 p.m. Crescent Mills. A caller reports a third-hand report of some people who need assistance with getting across the river. The original caller said that a female came to his residence and stated her friends are stuck on the other side. The caller reported no injuries. 6:46 p.m. Contacted the original caller who was out with the female. Spoke with the female who said they were swimming at Indian Falls. The group swam across the river and then the current became too strong for them to cross back over. The female stated that she was able to get back across and was advised by the two adults that they would walk up to the Railroad tracks to meet her somewhere else. She has been waiting for about 30 minutes and no one has shown up. The caller confirmed no injuries. The two adults and one juvenile just could not get back across the river. 7:01 p.m. A deputy advised while on the way to the call he saw what appeared to be two adults walking north on the railroad tracks about two miles south of Dixie Canyon. The caller will take a quad down the railroad tracks and attempt to locate the subjects walking. 8:01 p.m. The deputy advised the parties were reunited and all are okay. Assistance complete.

Everybody’s fine

7:58 p.m. Quincy. An open 911 line can hear music and people laughing in the background. The call pings to the grandstand area of High Sierra Music Festival. 8:05 p.m. The party recontacted to confirm everything’s fine, no assistance is needed.

So close. Almost made it. Try again next year

11:30 p.m. Quincy. A male subject was arrested on a charge of drunk in public on Mill Creek Road and Claremont Way.

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