Sheriff’s Blotter: March 22-28

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from March 22 through March 28.




A sergeant was on a probation check when a man was arrested and charged with violating his probation.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with domestic violence and probation violation. A caller reported that his neighbor was hit in the face and was screaming. The victim then went to the neighbor’s house.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was wanted the previous day for possibly attempting to hit someone on the sidewalk. The new charges included fleeing peace officers and not having a valid license. Previously a deputy reported that there was probable cause against the man for assault with a deadly weapon, resisting or obstructing a peace officer in the line of duty and attempting by means of a threat or violence to deter or prevent an officer from performing his or her duty.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with being intoxicated. The individual called dispatch and reported that he had been drinking. He said that his wife wouldn’t talk to him but said he abuses her. He asked that a deputy respond to talk to them. No weapons were involved. A deputy contacted the caller who said they were arguing and would go to sleep. A second reporting party called 911 and said the man was outside yelling and waking up other residents.


The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation and resisting arrest.


Saturday, March 27

Knocking on doors: In Chester, a caller said that four people were walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors. The caller followed the group of juveniles to an address and then followed them back to an earlier one. A deputy was unable to locate anyone walking around the area.

Assault reported: In Chester, a caller reported that when he got home two people started hitting him. He said he left the house and was going to Chico. He refused to stop anywhere so that a deputy could contact him. He said he would call back later. The caller continued to be uncooperative when he was asked to meet a deputy. Two women were named and no weapons were involved. A deputy did contact the caller who finally agreed to meet the deputy but then he didn’t show up. The deputy attempted to contact the individual again but the calls went to voicemail. A deputy said that while speaking to the caller it seemed that he had been drinking.


 Friday, March 26

Attempted assault with vehicle reported: In Portola, a 911 call stated that a man was being threatened with a hammer. The caller also reported that a truck tried to hit the person on the sidewalk in front of a business. The information was transferred to the CHP. The CHP reported that the truck might have hit another vehicle then a physical disturbance occurred prior to the truck’s driver attempting to hit the individual on the sidewalk. A deputy said they knew who the suspect is.

Person located: In Portola, a caller said his neighbor and the owner sought in an earlier incident was back home. It was thought a possible domestic violence was going on in the home. A deputy said the individual was arguing with himself inside his home.

Vandalism reported: In Beckwourth, a caller reported that a camp trailer was broken into. The caller notified the property manager that the door of the camper was hanging off. A radio was missing, but it was unknown if anything else was missing. The property manager had a video of the incident.


 Thursday, March 25

Suspicious mail situation: In Quincy, a caller reported a U-haul full of stolen mail. The caller said they set up a U-haul for pickup but no one showed up. The caller believes the mail must have been dumped in the U-haul after Monday. No further information. (Plumas News is following up on this report)

Scam reported: In Chester, a caller reported receiving scam calls from someone claiming to be from social security. The caller said they would be making a public announcement on social media to make the public aware of the situation.

Man located: At Bucks Lake, a man reported being stuck in the snow or missing in the bucks Lake area has surfaced. A caller reported that an SPI working was missing since Tuesday. The caller received a text from the victim saying he was 36 miles from Oroville on the Bucks Lake Road. He said he was out of gas, food and water. A search and rescue crew was being established. The man was located and returned to Quincy.


Possible drunk reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was possibly under the influence and headed eastbound. He was stumbling along the roadside. A sergeant didn’t locate anyone.

 Wednesday, March 24

Church property vandalized: In Chester, a caller reported that someone vandalized the church property. The caller found broken chairs and flooring of theater stage vandalized. The caller thought it took place at night and didn’t see anyone. Extra patrol checks were ordered.

Claim damaged: In the Caribou Road area, a caller reported mining equipment was stolen and a claim was damaged. It happened between August and now.

Another scam reported: In Greenville, a caller reported a scam regarding an online shopping job she applied for. She said she was given a fake check but she cashed it at the bank in the amount of $1,450.

Citation issued: On Highway 70 near Vinton, a deputy reported issuing a citation to a man who was charged with leaving a vehicle on the roadway, driving without insurance and driving a vehicle when the windshield or rear window impairs vision.


Hunt was on: In Chester, a caller reported that a man pushed her and she is pregnant. The CHP was aware of the situation because the reporting party called them first. The CHP said their officer was out with the vehicle for failure to yield on Highways 36 and 32. The CHP lost visual with the individual but then the vehicle was sighted on Highway 32 by Caltrans. CHP requested that a deputy stand by at Highways 32 and 89. Then Butte County and was going to contact the suspect at a possible address in Magalia. The individual wasn’t there and his mother said he didn’t live there, but he had been there.

Citation issued: In Portola, a deputy reported citing a juvenile who was charged with possession of not more than 28.5 grams of cannabis or not more than eight grams of concentrated cannabis or both.

Stumbling into traffic: On Highway 70 just east of the sheriff’s office in Quincy, a caller reported that a man with a woman were walking eastbound and were stumbling in and out of the roadway. A deputy checked the area and didn’t find anyone needing assistance.


Stuck in the snow: At Bucks Lake, a caller reported that an overdue party texted that he was stuck in the snow 32 miles up Bucks Lake Road. He might have been driving a Honda. The caller said they didn’t want to file a missing persons report.

 Tuesday, March 23

Vehicle reported stolen: In Quincy, a caller said that someone stole her 1990 vehicle during the night on Lee Road. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Vehicle found: In Quincy, a caller reported that a vehicle crashed at the end of his driveway close to the highway near Old Highway. It appeared to be the same vehicle reported stolen earlier. The information was transferred to the CHP. The CHP reported that they had no suspect information at the time.

Checking out mailboxes: Eastbound from East Main from PAWS in Quincy, a caller said that someone in a hoodie and a red jacket was going through mailboxes and then leaving them open. The suspect also had a backpack. He individual was walking on the north side of the road and going toward La Porte Road. A deputy was on the lookout for the individual but didn’t locate him.


Big fuss over dogs: In Greenville, a caller reported an argument at his neighbor’s house between a father and son. The son was trying to get into the house and yelling at the father. The reporting party called back and said the son left in someone else’s truck and was possibly going toward Chester. The individual might have knives on him and took a dog because he thought the father had things belonging to the son. The CHP was enroute. The reporting party called back and said that the son returned and was arguing with the dad again and trying to take things from the house. The dog was still in the son’s truck. A sergeant reported that no crime occurred that the man just wanted his dogs back. The dogs were returned.

Citation issued: In Blairsden, an animal control officer reported citing a man who was charged with two animal control violations.


Juvenile “freaking out”: In Quincy, a caller reported that his teenage daughter was “freaking out.” She threw her phone at her dad and kicked a table. Then she locked herself in the bathroom and was screaming. The parents were separated from the juvenile. A deputy contacted everyone and the juvenile was counseled and agreed to keep the peace.

Someone attempting a break-in: In Greenville, a caller said that a suspicious man was trying to get into a business when he couldn’t open the door, he got agitated. A sergeant contacted the suspect who said the person was trying to get in to apologize to the owner.

Ring found: In Quincy, someone found a ring at the Laundromat. It is custom with diamond and a gold nugget. The sheriff’s evidence clerk has it.

Fight reported: In Greenville, a caller reported that two students got into an altercation at the school. Although it was requested that a deputy respond, the caller was reluctant to give much information.


Scam reported: In Graeagle, a caller reported a scam call for a recording say that he would be served with a warrant by an officer William from a federal office and listed the phone number to call. Apparently the same scam is going around.

Facemask issue reported: In Graeagle, a caller reported being harassed by two customers in the store over her asking them to wear a face mask.

Scam reported: In Quincy, a caller said she contacted a business online and found them to be a scam business. No money was lost.

House fire reported: In Quincy, a caller reported a house fire. Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital responded. Information was given to deputies.

Home vandalism reported: In Portola, a caller reported that someone broke into his father’s vacant house. They broke through the back door. The caller said that juveniles were there on Sunday.

Being stared at: In Delleker, a caller reported that the neighbors were trespassing. It was four juveniles that were standing on the road staring at the caller. A deputy contacted two of the juveniles and all were told to stay off the property.


 Monday, March 22

Citations issued: In Quincy, a deputy issued two citations on being under the influence of a controlled substance and other issues. The first man was cited in addition for possession of methamphetamines and probation violation. The second man was also charged with contempt of court and a local warrant.

Bad behavior reported: In Meadow Valley, a woman reported that her boyfriend broke a mirror on her vehicle. He was then inside the house. She was waiting outside in her car with her young child. A deputy contacted both parties who were fine. There was no vandalism and they were arguing. They agreed to separate for the day. The information was passed on to social services and the district attorney. Someone at Plumas District Hospital reported that the man showed up in the ER stating a vehicle struck him earlier in the day. He said it was the mirror on the vehicle that hit him. A deputy contacted the woman who was also in the ER trying to get a doctor’s note. According to the report the suspected changed his story many times. PDH staff wanted to confirm with the sheriff’s office that officers were aware of the situation.


Faked photo?: In the Spring Garden area, a caller reported a restraining order violation. She said her ex posted a photo of a firearm on social media. She took a photo of it. A deputy spoke to the caller who was sending a deputy of the Facebook post. A deputy left a message with the suspect. A deputy then contacted him. The suspect said it was a fake photo to prove the RP is stalking him.

Suspicious situation: From Greenville, reporting party received a pocket dial and could overhear two people arguing. It was recorded that one person said she was going to stab the second one. The caller requested a welfare check with the victim. It was thought that the suspects were the victim’s children. There is significant history between the juveniles and the mother. A sergeant reported it was a verbal disturbance involving behavioral issues and that Behavioral Health is aware of the situation. On child has specific issues and was on the phone with behavioral health when the sergeant arrived. The sergeant also contacted the child’s probation officer. Child Protective Services and the District Attorney were notified.


Flash incarceration reported: In Susanville, probation requested a flash incarceration for a woman for felony violation of probation. She was in custody in Lassen County. Probation then transported the woman to Plumas County.

Mail theft reported: On Magaw Lane in Quincy, a caller reported the theft of mail at a home. The reporting party said that someone was stealing packages from them from November until the present. A deputy said the people were listed in the original mail theft case. The deputy said that there was no proof of the crime and that it is a landlord/tenant issue.

Scam reported: In Chester, a sergeant reported that a woman said her bank account had been hacked. There were texts about suspicious activities. A sergeant said that many other people in the area had similar issues and the same bank was dealing with a scam throughout the whole state.

Trespassed from business: In Greenville, a sergeant was contacted by a man who requested that a no trespass warning be given to a particular person. The sergeant located the person and issued a no trespass from the business.


Items stolen from vehicle: In Portola, a caller reported that someone stole things out of her car while she was parked at a friend’s house. A deputy said there was no crime, no theft and no vandalism. Someone rummaged through the caller’s car. Extra patrols were ordered.

Issues over a bike

In Quincy, a caller reported that a man went to a house requesting to use a bike pump and then attempted to take the caller’s bike instead. The caller said he’s had suspicious dealing with the suspect prior. Allegedly the suspect told the caller that he was strapped which the caller interpreted as meaning he had a weapon. The caller requested contact from a deputy. The deputy explained the proper temporary restraining order issues.