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Sheriff’s Blotter: March 8-14

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from March 8 through March 14



A man was arrested and charges with domestic violence. A caller said that she and her boyfriend were arguing and he threw something at her face. She declined medical assistance. Weapons were in the home but were locked up. Both people had been drinking. The parties were separated and the woman was leaving. Children were in the home. A deputy contacted victim witness and child protective services.

Someone from the Woodland Police Department reported a be-on-the-lookout for a stolen vehicle that might be in the Portola area. A caller said the suspect was in a Reno hospital, but the van was in Portola. No specific location was given. A deputy reported the arrest of the man who was charged with carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, unlawful taking of a vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with being intoxicated.


The CHP reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher.


On Highway 70, the CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence.


Saturday, March 13

House fire reported: A caller reported a possible structure fire across from Goodwin’s’ Store in Chilcoot. The caller reported seeing smoke. Sierra Valley, Eastern Plumas and Beckwourth fire departments were paged. A deputy reported that three people in the home were uninjured. One person needed assistance finding shelter. A deputy requested that Environmental Health and the Red Cross be notified.

Citation reported: In Chilcoot, it was reported that a man was cited and charted with violating his probation.

 Friday, March 12

Fire reported: In Crescent Mills, a caller reported a possible chimney fire. The caller said smoke was coming into the house from the ceiling. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments were notified

Burglary reported: In Greenville, a caller said that his garage was broken into and several things were missing.

Not in school: In Chester, a caller requested a welfare check on a student who hadn’t been attending school. A deputy contacted the student who agreed to return to school the following Monday.

Missing school: In Crescent Mills, a caller requested a welfare check on a student who wasn’t attending school. A deputy said that the juvenile wasn’t home. The mother said she would call when the student returned home. The student said that she was doing school online.

Plane in the water: At the Lake Almanor Peninsula, a caller reported there was a plane in the water. The caller didn’t know how many people were onboard or if there were injuries. It appeared the plane was staying afloat. The information was transferred to SIFC. It was reported as a twin-engine plane with the wing over the plane. SIFC requested search and rescue. SIFC said the plane didn’t crash. It was a training situation and a permit was turned in. Search and rescue was canceled. Someone reported that the plane was going to be making several dips into the lake.

Thursday, March 11

Not in school: In Quincy, a caller requested a welfare check on a student who hadn’t been in school all week and was only at school a few days the previous week. Officer safety was advised. A deputy spoke to the mother who said the child would be attending school. She was also notified of the absences from school. The deputy contacted the district attorney’s office.

Trespassing reported: In Portola, a caller requested contact from a deputy regarding a woman causing a disturbance in front of children. The caller said the woman had her children with her in her vehicle when she left the area. The caller said that she would need to collect the children’s belongings because she was no longer welcome at the school. The woman called saying she was at the substation. When she was told that the deputy was on another call, she said she would go home to wait for the deputy. Later, a deputy reported the woman was on her way to social services threatening to cause problems. A deputy said that formal trespass warning was issued to the woman. Then someone from a tow company reported the woman was there and they wanted contact with a deputy over the woman’s behavior.

Rocks reported: On Highway 70 east of Belden in the Feather River Canyon, a caller reported a bunch of rocks in the roadway in the westbound lane. The information was transferred to the CHP.

She’s back: In Portola, Someone from the Portola City Hall reported that a woman who caused disturbances in another area was there about an hour earlier. She threatened to dump a box of cockroaches all over the office.

Upset over trees: In Quincy near the high school tennis courts, a caller reported that two males were arguing at the tennis courts. A deputy said the subject was gone. The deputy did speak to the reporting party who said the other person was upset about tree removal in the area.

Scam reported: In Chester, a caller reported that he was scammed in a phone call for an Amazon gift card. He said he lost $900, but had the payment stopped by his bank.

Juvenile reported: In Portola, a caller reported that a juvenile was peeing on her fence and exposed himself. She asked to speak to a deputy. The deputy said this was an ongoing dispute with the subject urinating on the fence. Video footage exists.

Run off the road: In Portola, a caller reported that the driver of a Nissan ran them off the road about 10 minutes earlier. A deputy was to check the area. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle. The caller then said the vehicle was in front of his residence and the driver was harassing him. A deputy spoke with a man who thought the driver was his ex who was harassing him. A deputy checked the area but was unable to find the vehicle.

Tuesday, March 9

Fraud reported: In Portola, a caller reported receiving a call from a U.S. Marshall. The caller said they had her social security number and requested that she transfer money to a card for them. The caller claimed to have lost $500. A deputy provided information on identity theft.

Fire reported: Near Greenville on Keddie Ridge, a caller reported there was a fire up on the ridge east of North Valley Road and east of Holland Road. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Another fire reported: From Butterfly Valley near Keddie, a caller said she could see a fire over near Butterfly Valley. The caller was advised there was a 50-acre controlled burn there. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Causing a disturbance: In Quincy, a caller said his son was in front of the house yelling and screaming. A deputy contacted the subject and he agreed to move along. A deputy was trying to assist the man in finding transportation.

Monday, March 8

Much ado about nothing

In Quincy, a caller reported that a relative was staying at a local motel and left with two people. The reporting party seemed to think the woman didn’t leave of her own free will and was possibly drugged. The other people returned to the motel but without the woman. The caller said one of the people told him that she wouldn’t be coming back. Later the caller said he had the victim’s phone, but received a text message from her stating that she was being held hostage in a shed. The undersheriff looked into the situation and determined it was not a kidnapping. The victim did leave on her own, had a place to stay and would be leaving the area.

Didn’t show up for work: In Forest Hill, a caller reported that his employee didn’t show up for work. The caller described his vehicle and said he was headed to Black Hawk Road. The caller spoke to the man’s girlfriend and the man had left at the usual time. The caller was then attempting to locate the employee with On Star. It registered near Truckee. Then the caller heard from the missing man and he was fine. He got stuck at a rest area in the snow and there was no cell service. He was going to work. The information was passed on to a deputy.

Vandalism to mail boxes: In Chester, a caller reported that four mailboxes were broken into at the post office.

Suspicious situation: In Quincy, a caller asked to speak to a deputy. She said there was an altercation and she was being taken against her will. The information was passed on to a deputy.

Citation reported: In Chester, a deputy reported citing a woman who was charged with driving without a valid license.

Cleaning up at the Laundromat: In Quincy, a caller at the Laundromat reported that a man was bathing in the bathroom. He had been trespassed from the property previously. A deputy said the man was trespassed and agreed to move on.

Search and Rescue on its way: On the Doyle Grade and Plinco Mine Road, a caller reported that a man was stuck in the snow. It was initially advised to take Frenchman Blvd all the way up to Plinco Mine Road. The man was driving a truck and pulling an 18-foot trailer. He had been up there since the previous day. He had food, water and a dog. Lassen County was contacted by the CHP and the information was given to the USFS. The Lassen sheriff said their sergeant couldn’t make it to the victim because there was two feet of snow on their side. Lassen said their sergeant is roughly five miles from GPS coordinates in a Jeep and was waiting for the sheriff’s office’s snowmobiles. Lassen was notified that they could cancel. Plumas County’s Search and Rescue would handle the recovery. When someone spoke to the man he said there was a foot of snow and that he was in the middle of the road. He was fine, just stuck. The man was 10 miles north of 176 Road from the north end of Frenchman Lake. He called back to say he was no longer stuck and was heading back down the mountain.

Assault reported: In Quincy, an emergency room nurse reported that a man was in the ER claiming injuries from a previous assault.

Trespasser reported: In Chester, a sergeant requested a detail be pulled for a man who was being trespassed from the bank.

Impersonating health officer: In Quincy, a caller reported suspicious activities at a food business. A man was impersonating a health officer. The man was making demands and threatening to call corporate headquarters. A deputy contacted the reporting party who wanted it on file that the man was threatening and harassing employees. The man also called the caller’s personal cell phone and was harassing him. The caller wanted the man trespassed from the business. A deputy contacted the man who said he wasn’t pretending to be a health inspector. He said he was unhappy with health concerns at the business. He was obtaining information to file a complaint. The deputy trespassed the man from the business.

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