Sheriff’s Blotter: May 17-23

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from May 17 through May 23.

In this report, the terms RP (reporting party), BOLO (be on the lookout) and occasionally HBD (had been drinking) are used.



Beckwourth: The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher.

 Chester: The CHP reported the arrest of a person who was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The individual was traveling on Highway 36 just west of Highway A 13.

Crescent Mills: A deputy reported that arrest of a man who was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, being under the influence of a controlled substance and evading an officer.

 Indian Falls: A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of methamphetamines and probation violation.

 Greenville: A deputy reported a man was arrested and charged on a local warrant.

 Loyalton: The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. This was a courtesy assistance with Sierra County.


 Portola: A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation and being intoxicated.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of a prescription belonging to another person, possession of a controlled substance, probation violation and contempt of court.

 A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with intoxication.

Quincy: The CHP reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher.

A probation officer reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation.

 A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended or revoked license, possession of a leaded cane or baton and possession of methamphetamine.


Sunday, May 23

Shots heard: In Portola, dispatch received a call from someone who said someone else just through a rock through the window of her house and broke out her husband’s truck’s window. The suspect was last seen walking down the alleyway. No description was available. The RP said she could hear the suspect hitting other residences and cars down the street. Then someone identified the suspect. Dispatch next received a call with an open line and it sounded like people were talking but there was no response from the caller. When dispatch reconnected the RP said she was no longer at the residence. The RP was advised to take all precautions for her own safety. She then said that if the suspect returned “We are going to need to send an ambulance for the suspect.” A second RP said there was some form of disturbance occurring. She also thought she heard two gunshots. A deputy said that was an isolated incident.


Vandalism reported: In Portola, a caller said that the driver’s side window on her F250 truck and all of the mirrors were broken out during the night.

Vehicle reported missing: In Quincy, a caller reported that she left her vehicle behind a bar the previous night and it was now missing. She said she left the keys in the vehicle. It is a black 1997 F250 with a white hood and is a four-door. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Vehicle left behind: At the Lake Davis Dam area near Portola, a caller reported there must have been a traffic collision during the night. No one was in the area but a vehicle was left on the side of the road. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Threat reported: In Portola, a caller who is the manager at a business said that a known woman went into the store and threatened an employee. The suspect then left. A deputy contacted the person who made the threat and trespassed her from the store.


Illegal dumping reported: In Portola, a caller reported that someone keeps dumping trash at a business. A description of the vehicle was provided. A deputy learned that the people did have the owner’s permission to drop things off.

Suspicious situation: In Chester, a caller requested a deputy to show up at a business. There was a homeless man inside a nearby building smoking something. The suspect then left on a bike. A deputy contacted the RP who asked for extra patrol checks.

Suspicious circumstances: In Quincy, a caller reported receiving information that a known man was at her house going through her property. He started an argument with a woman. A deputy contacted the RP and extra patrol checks were established.

Intoxicated man on the highway: On Highway 70 westbound from La Porte Road, a caller reported that her brother HBD and was walking toward Quincy. She was concerned he would get hit by a car due to his level of intoxication. A deputy contacted the man who wasn’t intoxicated. The deputy provided him a ride to a business.


Saturday, May 22

Raccoon issues: In the Beckwourth area, a caller reported having a problem with raccoons. On was trapped and the RP was unsure what to do with it. Dispatch provided a number for fish and wildlife.

Disturbance over bankcard: In Quincy, an employee at a bank reported that a customer was angry over the ATM taking his card. The man threatened that someone would go to jail over the incident. The suspect was in and out three times yelling at the employee. Then he left.

Friday, May 21

Disturbance reported: In Quincy, a caller reported a party was going on at the house across the street. The caller said it was college kids and people could be heard yelling, screaming and slamming doors. The RP said it was going on all night. A deputy contacted a tenant who agreed to keep the peace.

Trespassing and threats reported: In Crescent Mills, a caller reported that someone was trespassing on his property. The RP asked to speak to a sergeant. Then a woman reported that a man was on the property. The RP said the man was trespassing and they had a stay-away order in place. The deputy advised this was a civil issue and the order was expired. The caller was then irate and upset. The RP reported the man made threats the previous day. The RP said the individual made gestures that showed he was going to shoot him.


Theft reported: A deputy reported that he was contacted at the Chester sub station about the theft of property. Apparently, six 30-ft. logs were removed.

Violating trespass order: In Quincy, someone at the high school reported that a person continued to trespass on school property. The individual was asked several times to stay away. The individual was last seen there after school hours. A deputy spoke to the juvenile and gave him a trespass warning.

Juveniles counseled: In Chester, a caller said she was being harassed on Snapchat. She said another juvenile was posting nude photos and making it appear to be her. A deputy said no crime occurred. Photos and videos were exchanged and posted on social media but they weren’t of the RP. The juveniles were counseled. The deputy followed up with the parents. The deputy attempted to contact both sets of parents and left voicemails. Victim witness was notified and child protective services.


Burglary reported: In Quincy, a woman reported that $250 in books was taken. She had the suspect’s information and a video.

Thursday, May 20

Homeless person ousted: Near Quincy, a caller requested contact with a deputy about a homeless person who was living across the street for a few months. A deputy contacted the homeless person who agreed to move along.

Citation issued: In Quincy, a deputy reported citing a woman who was charged with no valid proof of registration.

Box on the fly: In Quincy, a caller said his neighbor threw a DVD box at him. It didn’t hit him but it was close.

Harassment reported: In Chester, a caller reported harassment from her husband’s co-worker’s relative. She requested to speak to a deputy. The RP said the man yelled at her son at a business and then slandered her husband. A deputy contacted the parties and the suspect was counseled.

Tuesday, May 18


Living under a building: In Portola, a deputy was requested to check about a case where someone was living under a building. The deputy said there was an ongoing trespassing issue with the person breaking in and living under the place. The deputy was on the lookout for the person.

Threats reported: In Greenville, a caller said his neighbor threatened him. He said the individual came at him and threatened to break his legs and had a hoe in his hand. A sergeant said they agreed to have contact in the future.

Burglary suspect leaves a note: In Quincy, a caller said when he went home and his back door was ajar. He said someone broke in when he was gone. He didn’t know if anything was missing. He said the suspect left a note for the RP and signed it. He called back to say assistance was no long needed. A deputy said he wanted the man trespassed from his home. The RP HBD.


Monday, May 17

Home invasion reported: In Westwood, Lassen County requested assistance for a home invasion. A man called and said he was home when a man burst through the door yelling that people were after him. The RP tried to rationalize with the man but he wouldn’t calm down. There were young children in the home. The man didn’t have any weapons. Multiple 911 calls were received. Lassen reported that one person was detained.

Rug discovered: In the Lake Almanor area, a caller said that years ago she put a rug outside and it went missed. Then she just noticed it in her neighbor’s house. The RP said she would call if she needed help getting the rug back.