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Sheriff’s Blotter: Nov. 5-7

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of activity for Nov. 5-7, 2021

Nov. 5

Knockin’ around in the past

5:43 a.m. Portola. A caller reports a knocked over fence and what appears to be a bumper next to it at the Chilcoot Monument. The caller advised there is nobody around the building or the street. There is a light on in the building but the caller is unsure if it stays on overnight. A second caller is the business owner; the caller said there is property damage to the fence and headstones.


1:03 p.m. Portola. A caller reports his truck has been stolen from Idle Hour Dr., a 2003 GMC Truck. The caller advised he is calling from Williamsburg, PA.

No sense of community

1:11 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a female subject is causing issues at the Community Center. The caller said the subject is being rude and yelling at the employees. There are no weapons. 1:31 p.m. A sergeant advised the subject was gone upon arrival. The caller will recontact if the subject returns.

Improvising tools

2:31 p.m. Chester. A caller reports that a male subject was acting suspicious. The subject advised the male seemed to be working on his truck but the subject began to pick up rocks. The caller advised the subject has since left. The subject requests extra patrol checks in the area.

Nice outfit

3:27 p.m. Spring Garden. A caller is at a friend’s house. The caller states that the ex boyfriend broke down the door and pushed her onto the bed. The suspect wanted to get things from the residence but the caller was not comfortable and refused to let him in. It is unknown if the suspect is still at the residence. The caller wants a deputy to come and remove the suspect if he is still there. 3:47 p.m. A named female reports that the caller has left her house and stated the victim “Does not want to be there when the cops show up.” The victim is heading to Chico to her mom’s. The victim is wearing black yoga pants, a tan top, with black and white feather earrings and is driving a small blue car. 4:18 p.m. The subject was arrested as a fugitive from justice for battery against a peace officer.

Facebook behavior doesn’t play well in real life

4:38 p.m. Blairsden. A caller reports a customer is harassing her and staff via phone. The caller advised they cancelled the customer’s reservation due to the way he is treating staff. 4:41 p.m. The caller’s boss is asking that a deputy come to the business.  7:16 p.m. A deputy advised the caller requested the info be on file, that the named suspect was calling and leaving vulgar messages. The reservation has been cancelled and the caller will call back if the subject arrives and needs to be trespassed.

Party crasher

5:57 p.m. Meadow Valley. A caller reports a vehicle drove into his front yard, one male driver, appears to be okay. The driver is not requesting an ambulance.

Tough pick up

7:51 p.m. Portola. CHP reports a possible drunk driver or someone on drugs sitting in front of a business in a vehicle. CHP has no unit in the area. 8:10 p.m. CHP is now advising the subject is on S. Delleker Rd with a child dropping her vehicle off somewhere. The subject was attempting to pick up a second vehicle from the tow yard but the license is suspended and Crescent Tow is refusing the subject as a customer. The deputy advised it is a civil issue between Crescent Tow and the subject.

Religious experience

8:32 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller is inebriated swearing and yelling on the phone, rambling on and not making sense. The caller advised he is in front of Beckwourth Fire Dept. saying “The Illuminati” is trying to kill him. The caller stated he is by himself with his two K-9’s. The caller could not provide his phone number. The subject was gone on arrival of units at 9:13 p.m.

Door dash

9:21 p.m. Clio. A caller is calling on behalf of her friend. The caller reports a suspicious vehicle entering her friend’s driveway, left, and now has returned. The caller advised the vehicle is still there but could not provide any further description or occupant description. The caller said she just spoke with her friend approximately 2 minutes ago. 9:58 p.m. A deputy confirmed a subject in the vehicle was lost and is a friend of the neighbor. No suspicious activity took place and the friend is okay.

Last call

11:22 p.m. Quincy. A caller advised a subject almost hit him while parking at a local pub.

Nov. 6

Mandatory mask mandate

10:55 a.m. Chilcoot. A caller reports that he walked into that store and no one is wearing a facemask. The caller is requesting to speak to a deputy and said he will be waiting there at the store in an old red Ford sedan. 11:06 a.m. The caller recontacted and advised he has waved down a CHP unit and is going to speak to them about it. The caller was advised his info is on file and will be faxed to Public Health.

A-parent dilemma

4:57 p.m. Clio. A caller requests a welfare check on two victims. The caller said that the subject is sending their mother text messages, stating that he is going to get drunk and kill himself, and that someone needs to come and get the kids. The caller advised that the subject just picked up the children from her residence about 45 minutes ago and did not seem to be intoxicated but became upset when he found out the mother was not at the house. The caller is unsure if there’s weapons in the home, and advised he and the two children are the only ones at home. 5:59 p.m. A deputy advised contact with all parties. All are okay. The father is not suicidal or intoxicated. The deputy spoke with the father who said he did send some messages that he shouldn’t have. The subject advises he was just upset but is no longer upset.

Nov. 7

Bait and switch

9:05 a.m. Lake Almanor. A caller reports a theft at her residence. A known subject took security cameras last week. The caller reports that she hired the subject to do a painting job. The subject did not do the job and took the cameras. It is unknown what day, approximately some day last week.

There is probably more to the story

10:49 a.m. Plumas Lake. A caller reports that her granddaughter is kicking her and her husband out. The caller advises that they are both elderly and have nowhere to go. 11:16 a.m. A deputy advised civil procedures were provided and the caller was advised to contact Yuba County.

Rinse and repeat

3:14 p.m. Twain. A caller reports a known person is on the property and he is not supposed to be there. The subject left on foot and made gun motions as he was leaving, threatening them. The subject was last seen headed toward Twain driving a white sedan. 4:24 p.m. The subject was never located to be issued a trespass warning. 5:16 p.m. A deputy checked Crystal Springs RV Park. 5:57 p.m. The subject was given an official trespass warning. 6:07 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports he can hear screaming between a male and a female and glass breaking from his neighbors’ apartment. The caller believes the ex boyfriend (the subject of the 3:14 p.m. call in Twain) is in the residence and should not be. There is a valid restraining order between the parties. 6:41 p.m. The subject was issued a violation for corporal injury to spouse and probation violation. 11:01 p.m. A deputy notified CPS.

Who did it? You did it!

6:24 p.m. Portola. A caller advised there is a very strong chemical smell coming from the neighbor’s apartment and entering her apartment. The caller said she had to leave her apartment due to the smell being so strong it was making her child cough. The caller also advised there are young children in the apartment the smell is coming from that she is worried about. The subjects were named. 6:42 p.m. CHP advised the caller also contacted an off-duty officer to advise them of the situation. CHP has no units in the area. 7:11 p.m. The caller contacted and advised the chemical smell was actually coming from her own house. Her child just told her he was playing with her pepper spray and sprayed it in the house. All parties are okay.

Sushi might be an emergency. Lasagna not so much

7:05 p.m. Portola. A caller has called multiple times requesting a civil standby to retrieve items from a fridge at her home. The caller advised no one has told her she could not go in the home to retrieve her items and leave but that her landlord/roommate has family over so she is uncomfortable going inside alone. The caller was advised there is no deputy available for a civil standby tonight and she would have to recontact tomorrow. The caller would agree she did not have an emergency or need immediate assistance but would also start rambling on about several other reports she would like to make. 7:14 p.m.  a deputy advised he would give her a call when one is available.


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