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Sheriff’s Office investigating possible infrastructure tampering, but water in Indian Valley safe to drink

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office wants the residents and visitors in Indian Valley to know that the drinking water provided to Crescent Mills and Greenville is safe to drink, despite some reports on social media.

In a news release this afternoon, July 2, the Sheriff’s Office said it first became aware June 28 of possible tampering to the Indian Valley Community Services District infrastructure and is investigating the report. The office is also investigating the possible tampering to a sewage pump in Taylorsville, which resulted in a large sewage spill. The spill has been mitigated and the pumps repaired according to IVCSD.

As of today, according to IVCSD, the drinking water provided to Crescent Mills and Greenville, has been tested several times and is SAFE to consume and there is no evidence the drinking water was ever compromised.

Anyone with information regarding these circumstances is encouraged to contact the office at 530-283-6300.


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