Sheriff’s Office to hire emergency services and training coordinator

By Victoria Metcalf

[email protected]


A full-time emergency services and training coordinator has been approved for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, April 20.

The wage for the new position begins at $22 an hour plus standard benefits.


In a meet and confer with the Sheriff’s Association, Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage told supervisors the position was accepted. An overall reorganization of the sheriff’s department was rejected by the same association earlier.

Sheriff Todd Johns requested the new full-time position, according to Selvage. Previously a part time emergency services employee fulfilled those responsibilities. When Nick Dawson retired just prior to Johns being appointed sheriff, those responsibilities were rolled into another position. That individual, Carson Wingfield, took over Dawson’s responsibilities as well as in-house weekly peace officer training programs. Wingfield is now patrol commander, leaving an opening for both requirements. Wingfield was available to join other emergency services coordinators to take Plumas County through last year’s North Complex fires when the Bear and the Claremont fires burned together. Parts of East Quincy were evacuated when the Claremont Fire burned within yards of homes and other structures. Residents along LaPorte Road were also evacuated due to immediate fire threat.

“This position is important to the emergency services functions under the sheriff’s direction,” Selvage told the board. “With emergency services coordination support limited, the county needs a designated employee to handle the needed and required paperwork/documentation, coordination of the day-to-day operations of a declared county emergency.”

With Wingfield’s promotion to commander there isn’t a person meeting those needs.


While not objecting to the position, Supervisor and retired county sheriff Greg Hagwood called to supervisors’ and Selvage’s attention some wording within the job description. Hagwood said he was concerned over the inclusion that the position would also cover that of county fire marshal.

Selvage seemed puzzled over that inclusion and said she didn’t type that. Johns made no comment. That terminology was removed from the job description and qualifications.

With approval, Selvage has permission from supervisors to fly the position.