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Should be a good weekend of fishing at Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

The Super Ditch, North Fork of the Feather, Bailey Creek, and Hamilton Branch are depositing large volumes of water into Lake Almanor. Lake level has risen a foot this week and sits at 4491.41.  Almanor reached and past the high-water mark of 2022 (4484.4) on May 29. “We have not seen these levels in years,” said long-time resident and fisherman John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “There are navigational hazards throughout the lake as debris that has been accumulating along the shoreline for the past six years is now floating in the lake.”

Water temperatures are in the mid-60’s. Water clarity varies throughout the lake; however, it is better on the South end, and 3-5 feet on the Northwest end. Bank fishermen have many of choices; the Super Ditch, Causeway, Hamilton Branch, and the coves around the dam are all good options. Trollers are concentrating their efforts from the tip of the Peninsula to Prattville North. Fish are moving and the bite has been sporadic as the fish will become more active with bug hatches.

There have been chances of thunderstorms early this week, but things have settled down heading into the weekend. “We should be in for a nice weekend to start June,” said Crotty. “Both USFS ramps are open, and campgrounds are beginning to open as well, call ahead to ensure a spot as they will be crowded.”

The Hex Hatch is expected to begin in the next few weeks with the third week of June being the typical peak time. Folks on the lake could see hatches all though June and into early July. “Don’t overlook Butt Lake as the hatch begins a week or two earlier there,” reminds Crotty. “The local tackle stores will have a good selection of flies for the hatch and share up to the day information.”

We at Plumas News hope for a speedy recovery of our house fishing guide, John Crotty, as he has let us know he will be recuperating for a bit. “I will be off the water for a few weeks as I had back surgery on Friday,” said Crotty. “Fellow AFA Board member Bryan “Big Daddy” Roccucci, who is also the longest tenured guide on Almanor, will be assisting with reports as I recover. Hope to see you on the water soon!” Thank you Bryan “Big Daddy” Roccucci and get well soon John Crotty.

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