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Show what you know at the Fair

The second part of this year’s Plumas Sierra County Fair theme; “Show What You Grow, Share What You Know,” is truly highlighting the level of knowledge in our communities.

When the theme was announced, and Fair Manager John Steffanic put out a call for people willing to teach a wide variety of topics, he was pleasantly surprised at the response. From wine appreciation to a travelogue on Vietnam, to bread making and garden planting, there’s lots of “know” to share.

Steffanic is looking to fill an ambitious schedule of classes to offer fairgoers at this year’s County Fair, Aug. 14-18.

People have asked for classes in ukulele, historical talks, painting, line dancing, tree identification and beer making. The Fair Manager hopes locals with expertise in these topics, as well as others, will contact the fair office and schedule a time during the Fair for a class.

Sessions should last 20 to 30 minutes, and can simply be introductory in nature. “Of course we want to offer topics of interest to many people,” Steffanic says, “but it’s also just as exciting to hear what the presenter knows. We look forward to that aspect as well.”

Classes will be spread throughout the fairgrounds. There will be livestock presentations in the barns and horse arena, and floriculture presentations by the Community Gardens. The Tulsa Scott Pavilion will host cooking and food oriented sessions, with more general topics being taught in the Pioneer Schoolhouse. Each day of the fair will have a list of the classes being offered.

Steffanic would like to ask everyone to consider sharing what they know by offering a class. Even if you don’t feel like you would want to teach, perhaps you know someone who does have something interesting to share.

It doesn’t matter whether you think it would be of interest to many people, it matters that you are willing to share that knowledge. All “would-be” teachers are encouraged to contact the Fair Office at 283-6272 and discuss what classes might be offered.

“The more we all know, the better our community will be,” said Steffanic.

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