Situation at Evergreen Trailer Park in holding pattern, but believed no threat to the public

Plumas County Undersheriff Chad Hermann provided an update on the situation at the Evergreen Trailer Park this afternoon, Jan. 25, that resulted in a Highway 70 detour for a short period of time.

Hermann reported that when a man at the trailer park was served with an eviction notification this morning, he made “some concerning statements” during the process. Hermann and Det. Carson Wingfield  spoke with the man and left the scene as there was a moving van in the driveway and he appeared prepared to leave.

Later in the day, neighbors called concerned about a potential ongoing threat. The California Highway Patrol rerouted traffic and Sheriff’s personnel evacuated some nearby trailers. Attempts to talk to the man have been futile, but sheriff’s personnel were able to talk with his caretaker and a friend, who said that the man is suicidal and allegedly interested in “suicide by cop.” Hermann said that there appears to be no threat to anyone outside of the trailer. “We back away and try to main contact to see if we can get him to services,” Hermann said.

“We don’t like to walk away when we have a problem,” he added, but based on conversations with the man’s caretaker, and his refusal to speak with sheriff’s personnel, there aren’t any options.

The Sheriff’s Office is not naming him at this time.