Skimpy April rains in the Almanor basin

By Dale Knutsen

Special to Plumas News

Precipitation in the Lake Almanor basin during April was skimpy, only 0.9 inch of water content.  That includes the moisture in the 7.5 inches of April snowfall registered on the west shore area.  Accumulated Prattville season totals at the end of the month came to 105 inches of snow (83 percent of average) and 19.23 inches of water (65 percent of average).  That places us fairly close to the conditions that existed last year at this time, indicating a second dry year in a row.

April temperatures were interesting.  Our morning lows tended to be about a degree cooler than average, but our afternoon highs were unusually warm, coming in at seven degrees above average.  The extreme low for the month was 23 degrees, and the extreme high was 81.  Our generally dry conditions led to wide temperature swings between daily lows and highs, averaging 38 degrees and with one extreme spread of 50 degrees.

Typical May weather can be characterized as warming and drying, leading to greater fire risks throughout the region.  It’s definitely time to deal with those yard cleanup chores and eliminate combustible materials near our structures.