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Slow trollers are catching fish at Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]


Lake Almanor

Warmer temperatures accompanied by heavy rains have resulted in significant inflows of water deposited into Almanor. The Super Ditch and Bailey Creek were flowing the final day of 2022. Last Chance, Hamilton Branch and the North Fork of the Feather are also seeing a significant increase in volume.

As of Jan. 1, Lake Almanor has risen 8/10ths of a foot since last week. While a reprieve from the storms the first days of the year, the return of rain and snow for at least the following 10 days is predicted. “After multiple years of drought conditions these storms are a welcomed relief,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “That said, Almanor is 16-plus feet from full and we need this winter weather pattern to continue.”

“The Canyon Dam boat ramp is open, and you don’t have to go far to find fish,” said Crotty. Bank and boat anglers continue to catch quality fish in the coves around the dam and along the East Shore. Fish are on the surface and feeding actively early in the morning, becoming tougher to catch as the day wears on.

“Flies, hardware, and plastics will all work; Rapalas (F7 & 9 silver with black back and rainbow pattern) at 2 mph, Arctic Fox trolling flies (tui chub, kokanee, and orange patterns) at 1.7-2mph, speedy shiners (cop car, red/gold and wonder bread) at 2.5-3 mph and crawlers/gulps at 1 mph will all catch fish,” said Crotty. “Crawlers, power bait, flies and hardware are catching fish from shore. Bank anglers are also catching fish at Hamilton Branch.”


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