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Small special districts discussed

Are changes ahead for Plumas County’s numerous small service district organizations?

Special district consolidation is foreseen as expenses grow and funding declines.

That was the gist of one Plumas County Board of Supervisors’ February meeting.

Conversations began with how county departments now provide services for special districts. “We’re providing something for free but now it’s more expensive and time consuming,” said Plumas County Auditor Roberta Allen on Feb. 11.

The new computer program is an example. As county employees learn it and get everything changed from the old system (Pentamation) to the new (MUNIS), part of that change involves information for services districts.

Supervisor Sherrie Thrall said the county will need to deal with that situation for now. “They’re all volunteers,” she said about most special districts.

But consolidation is being discussed at LAFCo meetings, Thrall said as the supervisors’ LAFCo member. LAFCo is in a position to force small districts to consolidate.

Although no deadlines are being discussed in connection with consolidation, it is in the air.

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