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Snow blankets Portola after hot, smoky summer

Snow has blasted the Lost Sierra in the past week and Portola is no exception to the struggles being faced by mountain communities across the state. City of Portola Public Works Director Todd Roberts noted in a recent talk that the city has been running two shifts of four to six people around the clock.

“We’re plowing 24 hours a day and doing our best to keep up,” Roberts said. Folchi Construction is also assisting with pushing large, heavy amounts of snow as the city currently does not have the capacity and equipment to accomplish the needed plowing before the next storm hits.

“I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we get through this storm. Our plow drivers are working as hard as they can to try and minimize impact on local driveways,” Roberts said.

It was also noted that a large concern facing plow drivers in Portola is the cars illegally parked in the street. “Please make sure your vehicle is not parked in the street blocking the plows as they work,” Roberts reminded.

Snow continues to pile up around Old Town Portola as storms hit the Lost Sierra, with plows remaining hard at work around the clock to maintain road access.  Looking down the Commercial Street in Portola on Tuesday, December 28. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

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