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Summer is here at Lake Almanor

By Dale Knutsen

Special to Plumas News

Spring transitioned to summer during the month of June in the Lake Almanor basin.  No snow and just over an inch of rainfall from wandering thunderstorms made for a graceful shift from the earlier heavy snowpack.  Higher elevation melting and runoff kept the streams and flood control channel running, filling the lake.  At month’s end, the season total snowfall remained at 313 inches, or 245% of average (third deepest on record).  Season total precipitation came to 48.1 inches, or 151% of average.  These figures represent the annual totals for the customary July through June “water year’ locally.

June temperatures were less remarkable.  The average morning low was 43.9 degrees F., which is about three degrees warmer than the norm.  Afternoon highs averaged 75.9 degrees F., which is almost a degree cooler than the long-term figure for the month.  The extreme low for June was 33 degrees early in the month, while the extreme high was 91 degrees on the last afternoon of June.

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