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Supervisor alerts residents to travel delays from Greenville to Quincy

District 2 Supervisor Kevin Goss often makes the drive from his Greenville-based district into Quincy. He wants residents to know that helicopter logging has resumed near Indian Falls. He said to expect 45 minute delays if you happen to be at the beginning of the stopped traffic.

That has been his experience. He said the logging operation lasts about 45 minutes and then, when the helicopter stops to refuel (about 15 minutes), both lanes of traffic are allowed to proceed simultaneously. Then the process repeats itself.

Yesterday Goss was elected to be the chairman of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors. He has held the position before and knows the work that it entails, but said it’s exactly where he wants to be as he helps his district rebuild following the devastating Dixie Fire. The fire disproportionately impacted his district including leveling the communities of Greenville and Indian Falls.

But it’s not just about his district. “I’m excited to be leading the county again,” he said. As chairman, Goss will be privy to all of the information that he believes is necessary to make the best decisions for his district and the county. In addition to rebuilding, Goss sees infrastructure such as readily accessible internet as critical.

District 1 Supervisor Dwight Ceresola will serve another term as vice chairman.

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