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Supervisors approve contracts, election results and more on consent agenda

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved, without discussion, a lengthy list of requests from county department heads under the consent agenda at the Tuesday, Dec. 10, meeting.


Facility Services Director Kevin Correira requested and received approval for Siemens Industry, Inc., to service and repair the county’s swipe-card entry security systems for the courthouse and annex.

There was an outstanding invoice for $1,766 for work the company performed at the annex in mid-August, Correira explained. Although a new contract with the company was approved before the work, a change in that company’s staffing created a delay. The original contract was lost, he said.

It was County Counsel Craig Settlemire’s recommendation that supervisors ratify the contract by July 1.

The sheriff’s office was approved to sign a contract with Hi Tech Frame and Finish in the amount of $45,000 for the upcoming year. The agreement is for vehicle repairs.

In another contract, District Attorney David Hollister requested that supervisors approve a 12-month lease agreement with Kinne Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc., at a quarterly rate of $3,000.

The facility is being used to conduct group programming as part of the Proposition 47/Pre-trial Release program, Hollister explained.

Behavioral Health Director Tony Hobson sought approval to sign an agreement for $39,179 with the county of Nevada Department of Behavioral Health.

This program provides a telephone triage service to behavioral health on weekdays after 5 p.m. It also includes weekends and holidays, Hobson explained.

And in another contract, Hobson requested approval of an agreement with O’Connell Research, Inc.

This is the lead and primary point of contact for assistance in a data driven recovery project. It offers Plumas County and five other counties opportunities to use the Mental Health Services Act innovation funding to increase data linkages across systems such as criminal justice entities including jails, courts and probation.

Election results

Plumas County Clerk-Recorder Kathy William’s request was approved that the State Assembly District 1 special general consolidated election with the uniform district election be certified. That election was Nov. 5.

The results are as follows:

State Assembly District 1 had Megan Dahle with 3,473 and Elizabeth Betancourt at 2,353 votes.

Beckwourth Fire Protection District constituents voted for three for a four-year term. Jennifer Langston received 60 votes, Daniel J. Smith 105, Gayanna Miller 52 votes, Denisce Downs 111, George Bundy 96 and two write-in votes were received.

For the Chester Public Utility District, a four-year term, voters were asked to choose two, Stephen L. Voboril received 389 votes, Stephen E. Graffweg 154, Royce A. Raker 272, and there were 11 write-in votes.

Overall voter turnout was 47.49 percent of registered voters.

Resolution 2020

Williams also sought approval for the authorization as the clerk-recorder and registrar of voters, to conduct all federal, state and local elections for the year 2020.

Purchase of pickups

Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood was approved to purchase three 2020 Ford F150s. The price was not to exceed $165,000. This price also includes outfitting each pickup.

Resolution on job classification plan

Plumas County Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage requested that supervisors approve a resolution to adopt Plumas County’s job classification plan and pay schedule.

This plan reflects the base wage increase according to a recent Sheriff Employee Association memorandum of understanding.

On Nov. 19, supervisors approved the resolution ratifying the MOU for the association. The MOUs included a 2 percent base wage increase affecting some job classifications.

Job opening

Plumas County Public Health Agency Director Andrew Woodruff announced a vacancy due to a promotion.

A vacancy is created for a Health Education Coordinator I position.

This individual is responsible for organization, coordination, implementation and conducts a variety of public health education programs and related health services, public information programs, health promotion and prevention programs.

Kings Creek Bridge

Plumas County Department of Public Works Director Bob Perreault requested authorization to execute an agreement with Dokken Engineering for preparation of a report on the Chester-Warner Valley Road Kings Creek Bridge Replacement Project. The cost is $61,790.

The project is located on County Road 312 northwest of Chester. It is the only vehicle access to the southern portion of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

The existing structure is a single-span steel girder bridge that Caltrans said was structurally deficient, according to Perreault. “The county proposes to replace the old bridge with a new, two-lane bridge approximately 18-feet wide and 60-feet long,” he explained.

This is a federally funded project through the Highway Bridge Program and is administered by Caltrans.

Graeagle-Johnsville Road Rehab

This is an $89,332 agreement with Dokken Engineering for engineering services for the Graeagle-Johnsville Road Rehabilitation project, Perreault said, as he requested authorization to do the work.

Public works, through an existing on-call agreement with Dokken, is requesting engineering services in support of the project.

It is located on County Road 506 between Johnsville and Graeagle. Plumas Eureka State Park is located at the west end of the project. This road is the only vehicular access to the unincorporated communities of Plumas Eureka Estates and Johnsville, ands the state park. It is also located within the Plumas National Forest and state park lands.

The project includes repairs to the roadway, including a slide and bank area. This slide area is approximately 180 feet by 150 feet and with a slope along Jamison Creek.

A culvert near the museum will be repaired, and an asphalt concrete overlay will be added to existing pavement in another area.

New guardrails near reversing curves and other locations will be added.

This is a federally funded project paid for by the State Transportation Improvement Program.

Spanish Ranch Road Bridge

Perreault also received approval for a work order on the Spanish Ranch Road Bridge replacement project. This allows public works to advertise for bids subject to county counsel’s approval.

Public works and the project bridge design consultant, URS Corporation, have completed the environmental documentation and design for the project, according to Perreault. “All resource agency permits have been acquired and all utilities have been relocated to accommodate construction,” he explained.

The project is in Meadow Valley on Spanish Ranch Road at Spanish Creek. It is 0.1 mile north of the Bucks Lake Road and Pineleaf Drive intersection.

This is to improve public safety and address structural problems with the bridge. Caltrans inspected the bridge and its report was released Oct. 30, 2017.

The existing bridge is one-lane with a sufficiency rating of 47.2. A bridge with a sufficiency rating of less than or equal to 50 is eligible for replacement bridge funding from the federal Highway Bridge Program.

The new bridge would occupy the same centerline alignment as the existing bridge. It will be 114 feet long and 29 feet wide with metal tube railings mounted on curbs.

Public works anticipates awarding a construction contact in February 2020.

Investigation services

Deputy County Counsel Gretchen Stuhr received approval for the department to enter into a new agreement with Municipal Resource Group, Inc. An earlier contract was entered into April 9 in the amount of $10,750. “Due to the need for possible additional investigations, the contract amount needs to be raised to a total contract amount not to exceed $20,700,” according to Stuhr.

This group primarily manages employee misconduct investigations.

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