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Supervisors approve fence height limits

It’s official. Plumas County residents can now build fences up to 7 feet high without a building permit.

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors made that decision Tuesday, Nov. 5.

According to an amendment to Title 9 of the Plumas County Planning and Zoning Code, fences not more than 7 feet high are approved in all zones with a few modifications.

One modification is that fences within 10 feet of a front property line can be no higher than 4 feet tall in parcels zoned 2-R, 3-R or M-R.

If the front property line is a street, the setback is measured from the edge of the easement or right-of-way line of the street.

Setbacks adjacent to existing private roads without a defined right-of-way or easement can be measured from the edge of the maintained area of the road.

Fencing higher than 7 feet are permitted with a building permit, among other regulations.

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