What an amazing transformation that takes place as the dining room of the Lake Almanor Elks Lodge suddenly looks like a room in a hospital ward. Thanks to the generosity of the Elks, that’s what happens twice a year as the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary and Vitalant Blood Services set up for their blood drives. Whole blood donations usually take less than a half hour and are easy to do. See you in September. Photo by Gregg Scott

Support Seneca Hospital, Support the community!

The easiest way to support the hospital is to participate in one of several fundraising events sponsored by the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary, volunteer time with them or donate blood at one of the two annual drives SHA organizes each year.

Just one of the many community events that the SHA organizes, the Chester blood drives go far beyond the local area.

Please don’t be confused if you have donated blood before and receive a call or e-mail that is not from a group called Vitalant asking you to come donate the gift of life.

United Blood Services (UBS), which operates in Northern Nevada and has serviced Chester for quite a long time is now operating under the name Vitalant.


UBS, along with several other organizations, are unifying the name of roughly 10 blood center brands to create one unified image.

The June 11 spring drive in Chester was a success in that 36 residents stepped up and gave 26 whole blood donations and 10 “double” donations.

Those 46 life-giving gifts have the potential of helping 98 hospital patients.

The members of the auxiliary and the folks at Vitalant cherish the partnership with the Chester community and thank all who are helping with the life-transforming mission they pursue.

Just imagine the impact that could be made if there were 50 or even 100 donations at the next drive that will take place Sept. 18.

It, too, will be held at the Lake Almanor Elks Lodge in Chester from noon to 5:30 p.m.

For those donors that are wondering; the $50 Amazon gift card was won by Carla Heise.