Surplus property for sale

American Valley Community Services District has land for sale.

After going back and forth for at least a year over whether it is better to keep a parcel on Industrial Way in the East Zone, members of the AVCSD Board of Directors finally determined it is time to sell. That decision was reached at the Thursday, Aug. 8, monthly meeting.

That parcel was purchased for $18,400 in 2002, said Business Manager Katie Nunn. There is 4.22 acres of flat land available at that location.

There is a well owned by AVCSD on a separate parcel adjacent to this property, said Acting General Manager Mike Green. The district has an easement with High Sierra to access the well site. Other easement agreements might be necessary for a new property owner, he added.


The second site is off Nugget Lane and is 0.48 acres of hillside property that is covered with trees and brush. “It’s very overgrown,” Nunn said.

The district originally purchased the property for $13,000 in 2003.

“Why was it even acquired?” asked Director Bill Martin about the Nugget Lane property.

Nunn said it was part of a series of well testing sites.

Board President Denny Churchill said that four parcels were originally purchased as part of a grant. He added that Quincy Community Services District (forerunner to AVCSD) owned the parcel next to it originally. “It’s not a very desirable piece of ground.”

Director and contractor Mike Beatty shook his head saying he built a house on an equally steep parcel that is right next to the land AVCSD is now offering for sale.

Beatty said that it’s possible to build a home on the steep land, but acquiring it as an extension for neighboring property would be a better idea.


In a role call vote, all but one director voted to sell the Industrial Way property. Director Kathy Felker was the lone no vote.

Felker voiced her concerns about the proximity of the property to residents of the Sierra solar housing development on Lee Road. Felker said she was concerned about what the new owner might do with a parcel zoned light industrial.

It was pointed out that the zoning could be changed, but Director Bill Martin said they couldn’t let themselves worry about what someone might do with the property once they bought it.

In a separate role call vote on selling the Nugget Lane parcel, the vote was unanimous.

More for sale

AVCSD will also sell two of its trucks — a 1995 Ford F250 and a 2002 Ford F150.

There was some discussion that they might offer the vehicles along with the Plumas County yearly surplus sales. No decision was reached on how or when the two trucks will be sold.