Jeffery Cameron Schmid was booked into county jail late Sunday in connection with the Minerva Fire and other area blazes. Photo courtesy of Plumas County Sheriff's Office

DA files 5 complaints of arson against Schmid

5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 22: Jeffery Cameron Schmid appeared in Plumas County Superior Court this afternoon, where District Attorney David Hollister filed a five-count complaint against him stemming from a series of fires on the Plumas National Forest this summer. Schmid was charged with one count of felony aggravated arson for the Minerva Fire and four counts of felony arson related to the Toll, Squirrel, Rhinehart Meadows and 89’er fires. Judge Ira Kaufman appointed Craig Osborne, an attorney from Truckee, to represent Schmid. The case was continued to this Friday, Aug. 25, at 1 p.m. to allow Osborne time to consult with his client. Schmid remains in custody at the Plumas County jail on $1 million bail set by Kaufman. Though these initial charges have been filed, Hollister said that the investigation is ongoing. In a press release regarding the arraignment, Hollister noted his appreciation for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, particularly its investigations unit, as well as Forest Service investigators for their work in this case.

9 a.m. update: Jeffery Cameron Schmid has been charged with aggravated arson and his bail has been set at $1 million according to District Attorney David Hollister.

8:45 a.m., Monday, Aug. 21: According to Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister, the suspect, Jeffery Cameron Schmid, remains in custody at the Plumas County jail. The bail amount will be made public later this morning, and tomorrow charges are expected to be filed.

10:40 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 20: Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood announced late tonight that Jeffery Cameron Schmid, 36, of Quincy, has been arrested in connection with the Minerva Fire and other area fires. He is being booked into the Plumas County jail.


Hagwood complimented his staff at the County Sheriff’s Office, and that of the District Attorney’s Office, as well as the U.S. Forest Service for their work in securing this arrest.

69 thoughts on “DA files 5 complaints of arson against Schmid

  • That is good news! Thanks to everyone involved in the arrest and future further action, Plumas news for keeping us updated and to the firefighters who are once again working so hard to keep us and our homes safe.

  • What was the guys problem? I hope he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent!

    • I remind you that being arrested on suspicion doesn’t mean he’s guilty.

      • I believe the evidence was overwhelming or they wouldn’t have made the arrest! They should burn him at the stake with a slow burning fire! There is no excuse or intelligence in an action of this type!

        • He has family and kids in this town- please keep those kind of comments to yourself. This is extremely sad for all involved. He comes from a good family and his children are not to blame and shouldn’t read stuff like this.

        • If arrest made someone guilty, we wouldn’t need justice courts. Innocent until proven guilty is part of what makes American democracy strong.

  • Great job Plumas County Sheriff’s Department and US Forest Service!

    How long have you had this suspect under surveillance?

  • They probably walked an arrest warrant for him detailing the evidence (probable cause) they had for his arrest; there fore the District Attorney’s Office had reviewed the probable cause and then a judge reviewed the warrant affidavit and signed off on it. The US Marshals were involved too I hear so this has been in the works for a little while it sounds like to me.

    Not just someone they randomly pick….

    • That’s’ a “Ramey Warrant”
      If they had PC, they could have made arrest, then obtained search warrants.

  • What wrong with people? Glad that he was caught. Shame on him! To have family here, he didn’t even think of what this would do to them. So sorry. Just glad that no one was hurt and no one lost their home.

    • But you see, someone was hurt. Didnt anyone read about the firefighter who was airlifted to a hospita because he was hit by a tree??

      • No I didn’t see that someone was hurt or I would not have said that no one was. I’m sorry that someone was hurt hope that he or she will be okay…..I stand corrected Random Dude!

  • Hoping this ends the fires ,But I will hold back on being over excited, till they prove he started them.. This is how America law should work.

    • Yes, innocent until proven guilty.

    • Unless your name begins in H and ends in Y, then it’s just,” lock her up”.

      • Absolutely the most ignorant comment I’ve seen on here in a while. The overwhelming evidence against her will continue to come forward and she will still likely get a pass because of her political affiliations.

        • Commonsense, you are some kind of stupid.

  • We will be watching this carefully. Im thinking the Sheriff and the DA wouldnt arrest a fine outstanding home town boy unless they were darn sure he was guilty. What kind of a whacko is this guy? He intentionally tried to burn our mountains without reserve and he could have caused much loss of life here…yet he did….apparently time after time! His choice. He should pay dearly. He wasnt concerned about his family or he would not have done.this. Dont treat him like a “good old boy”. This County is sure in a time of turmoil in so many ways.

    • A “good ol’ boy would not have started a fire within a half mile of Oakland Camp which was chock-full of city kids yesterday. With the mostly single lane Oakland Camp Road quickly impassible due to the fire, the kids were evacuated by walking them down the railroad tracks to Quincy Junction where they were met by county transit buses.

      I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for those children.


      • The kids left the day before, but the camp was housing 14 teachers from Westwood on a staff retreat. And as one of the teachers there, yes we were super scared. I have not been that scared in a long time. But the sheriff department was awesome in consoling us; as well as, providing safety to all of us, as we hiked two miles down railroad tracks to a bus. Over 6 staff members had to leave their cars behind and still have not retrieved them. The camp staff was amazing too. What a bonding experience.

        • Oops just read yesterday. But we were there. The day fire started.

  • when and were was he arrested ? And was there proof he did it ?

    • I dont think they hand out proofnto the public. But obviously…. They cannot do a arrest without probable cause… Good job plumas county!

      • It will all come out in the trial. Been there, done that.

  • He was arrested early yesterday evening in Quincy as a result of an investigation by U.S. Forest Service investigators, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office.

  • Does Nobody realize this town has been in danger this whole summer because of the arsonist? Your kids family pets homes? Nature?? Its sad but IF he did it i dont feel bad for him. Yes i feep fornthe family.. It must be extremely hard. . but i do NOT feel bad for this dude..

    • IF he did it.

  • No one is asking anyone to feel bad for this man. What we are all attempting to ask is for you to think before you speak. Yes this man if guilty did a horribly unspeakable thing. This man also has children and other family members in this community who were not only put in danger by the fire but are also dealing with the trauma of having their loved one charged with arson today. Regardless that is a horribly awful situation to have to go through. So if I ask you to think before you speak please understand it is for his children and his family who did nothing to deserve any of this.

    • Good comment. Quite a few comments seem to suggest he is already guilty and convicted. I don’t like the lynch-mob mentality I see here.

      • I’m with you Mike and Carrie N. Innocent till proven guilty. Maybe people should drop the hang’em high mentality and ask why a wildland fire threatened their town when Federal and state resources and funds are made available for seemingly any other politically motivated purpose, yet us forest dwellers are forgotten about. The fed/state could be much more pro-active creating wildland urban interfaces.

    • Perhaps he should have thought about his family before he acted

    • We need people like you who make this world a better place. Good looking out. Thank you Carrie.

  • Innocent until proven guilty. Many have died defending that concept. Support your vets? then honor them by respecting the rights they have sacrificed and died for. Don’t let your emotions interfere with your judgement. We all (police too) make mistakes. I want the guilty punished but not the innocent. Thank goodness the lynch mob mentality expressed on the web seldom goes further than the web but the web can do damage as well. And as a retired wild land firefighter I do feel sorry for anyone that destroys their life and the lives of others with such a useless act as setting the forest on fire. We all fall short of perfection.
    By the way Quincy is in danger every summer. Take that into consideration the next time you walk away from a burn pile, campfire or any other heat source without feeling it with your bare hands to make sure it is dead out. Ever smell the grass smoldering under your vehicle when driving down a 2 track? How hot does the muffler on your chainsaw get? Ever climb into your tent and leave the campfire going overnight?

    • Thank You Excellent perspective

  • This man is being charged for the Minerva fire. The Minerva fire started as five separate starts at 12:15pm, July 29. That was a Saturday. The first fires in that complex were were actually seen in the early hours of the day. I’m 99% sure that this guy was at work between the hours of 7am and 7pm. He is innocent.

    • And all five had been burning awhile. Perhaps all night. Those five fires ranged in size from two to ten acres when fire units first arrived on scene around nine o:clock.

      A cheap Dollar Tree candle can delay ignition for several hours. Your theory is a thin one.


    • What? No lunch breaks at Sierra Pacific? Slave drivers….

      • Yes. We get lunch breaks but as a cogen operator we cannot leave spi. We get paid lunch breaks because of this.

    • He worked those days?

    • The first call came into 911 at 6:15 am

  • Wild land arson is seldom proven by a single incident.

    • That could be true but, They are charging him with the Minerva fire.

    • This doesnt entail a “single” incident.

  • Just so everyone is clear, this man that you are saying all of this about, I have known for 25 plus years, he is kind hearted and great with his family, he went through some really bad times and it got the best of him, and just to be clear, this mans son is my nephew, that’s a true fact, so please have some consideration for his family that just might be reading this, THANK YOU

    • Hi Jay

      I do not know the man and cannot comment on his character.

      I cannot assume innocence or guilt either. The man is entitled to a fair trial and a jury of his peers.

      As is mentioned several times above, Jeffrey truly is innocent until proven guilty. I’m also certain that in time much more will become known so it’s wise to reserve judgements.



    • No periods though?

      • Are you kidding me all you got is correcting someone not adding periods

  • Silencing people does nothing to bring out the truth….does it? And we all want the truth to be known…right? We all have the right to know the truth no matter how much it hurts some. The more the facts are brushed aside…the more we wonder. So lets get this out in the open now. No more cover ups.

    • Mary

      Are you suggesting I’m trying to silence people?


      • Tess T…..I believe I am in sync with you and more will be coming out later.

  • No Tess…..not you.

  • A Million dollars bail may very well indicate he confessed or their case is air tight.

    • Or the more common reason.

      It keeps a fella from bleaching his hair blonde and heading towards the southern border.

      ; – )

  • Sorry but this “man” had no concern for my family, my friends and their families, pets, everyone’s homes, businesses, every firefighters life (there have been 3 injured), our town, the wild life and MUCH more including his OWN family!! This also includes YOU his friends! I have trouble finding the words for how I feel. Just sick!!! Thank God nothing worse happened and I pray these other fires, still burning, get under control and put out asap with no one else getting hurt or anyone losing their home! It’s NOT over yet!! Someone had mentioned that “everyone makes mistakes”, Yes, I agree but these fires were NOT mistakes! He set them intentionally!! BIG difference! I agree, they must have a pretty strong case or there wouldn’t be such a high bail amount. I love Quincy! I’ve been here my entire life and have no intentions of leaving this beautiful place we call home. I believe our law enforcement (local and federal) did their jobs to the fullest. Please keep all the firefighters working tirelessly and away from their own family’s, on he ground and in the air in your prayers.

  • This country is no longer ruled according to English law, innocent until proven guilty. Ever since 9/11 and the Patriot Act this country has been governed by Roman law, guilty until proven innocent. Just thought you all should know.

  • For the Editor:

    The article says “Judge Ira Kaufman appointed Craig Osborne, an attorney from Truckee, to represent Kaufman.” I think it should read: “Judge Ira Kaufman appointed Craig Osborne, an attorney from Truckee, to represent Schmid.”

    • Duh we couldn’t all figure out what was meant! You know if people don’t have anything productive to say just don’t say anything? This world would be a better place!

      • Oh dear, who let the troll in?

        Could somebody give SOAYIP a ride back to Canyon Dam?

  • Trolls hide behind anonymous names…

    • …and SOAYIP should take their own advise…

  • I agree, but it should read advice. SOAYIP should take their own advice…

  • I love Canyon Dam. Great Paddleboard/Kayak shop!!

    • You should of said East Quincy, That would of made more sense.

      • Wait a second! I live in East Quincy!!

        I picked on Canyon Dam mostly because it has those speed limit signs nobody seems to obey. I’m sorry if I offended anybody.


        • Well Tess, I live in Canyon Dam.

          • Tess << Hangs head in shame.

  • >You should of said East Quincy, That would of made more sense.<

    Correct version: You should HAVE said East Quincy. That would HAVE made more sense.

  • Yes, innocent until proven guilty. He will probably be found guilty anyways even if he’s innocent. Plumas County knows somebody has to go down for these fires. The judicial system here is a joke, a huge joke. If he is found to be innocent, can you image what this mans life will be like? All of you who are saying he’s guilty will probably keep thinking he is guilty, and give him crazy looks in the grocery store. I feel for his family, and him. Put yourself in his shoes. Maybe he really is innocent. People make mistakes…. including law enforcement…… Look at the thousands who are wrongfully accused and spend half their lives in prison until DNA clears them. Unless you have facts to prove that he’s guilty, keep your mouth closed. What if this was your brother, nephew, uncle, father? Would you like all this BS being said about you, or your family member? I highly doubt it. Let our half-ass court system make this decision.

  • I said tar and feather him but now knowing Who They are accusing i am sad for all involved.He has always been a good kid. If he did do this remember hes got a sickness, and probably could nothelp hi. Self. Like a addiction uncontrolable. Let tbe courts do the job dont beat him down till the judgement is read. Hes had some tragitys that have scared him if he did do it. Ya all should pray for him and all uninvolved. None of you are perfect we all have sinned. Quincy is full of loving ppl try being compassionate. Yes it was a awful thing but god made sure no one got killed Amen

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