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Taylorsville Campground saddles horse owners with clean-up deposit

Those camping at the Taylorsville Campground can expect a fee increase if they have a horse or horses.

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved a refundable fee of $200 per horse during a public hearing.

Facilities Services Director Kevin Correira was before supervisors June 18, explaining the situation. He also had examples of the time and money it costs the county to clean up after horse owners leave without doing so themselves.

Correira said that with an estimated $65 an hour for employee and equipment time, it took his employees 90.5 hours to clean up the campground after last year’s July Fourth activities. That comes to nearly $5,900 for one event. And he can’t leave his equipment at the site.

Correira said that horse owners have been charged $30 for each horse in the past. While a few clean up their campsites before they leave, most just leave.

The $200 per horse is refundable if the horse owner cleans up the site.

Campground host Barbara Short, who supported the deposit, said that some sites are reserved for those without horses. The rest can have horses corralled at the sites. Owners are also required to bring their own pens, but that’s not a new requirement.

Correira said that the deposit gives the horse owners freedom of choice. They can clean up and get the deposit back or they can leave and forfeit the money.

Supervisor Michael Sanchez asked about damages.

“You don’t want to get me started on damages,” Correira said. This fee is to cover cleanup only.

Short said that horse owners are provided with the things they need to take the waste to the burn pit. She added that with so many events, the campground is in great demand during the summer and it’s difficult to get it cleaned up in time for the next event.

A role call vote was required and all supervisors voted in favor of the fee.

Correira said he attempted to meet with members of the local roping and riding club last August, but no one showed up to the meeting. And no one voiced opposition to the fee during the public hearing.

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