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Tell your story for the Indian Valley Museum Living History Project

The Indian Valley Museum’s Living History Project has extended and expanded.

“As we continue to move through these difficult times — pandemic and Dixie Fire — we find the need to extend the opportunity for Plumas County residents of all ages to document their living experiences in our Living History Booklet publication,” said a spokesperson for the museum.

The museum’s Living History book will expand to cover any stories about Indian Valley residents’ experiences, especially including the COVID pandemic and the Dixie Fire. They encourage everyone to join in and be a part of the Living History Booklet publication.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to capture history as it is being created so that you and future generations can look back to see your pictures and read your stories from the past,” a spokesperson said.

Those interested in being part of the project can submit stories, comments, and pictures of “living through these challenging times” to the Indian Valley Museum at [email protected] or can send in photos, comments, and stories to Indian Valley Museum (Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society) P.O. Box 194, Taylorsville, CA 95983. For those who may not want to write, the museum volunteers also take interviews or will help those interested in being part of the project to write down their stories or comments. People interested in giving an interviews may do so by appointment.

For further information or questions, please contact Vicki Schneider, Project Chairperson, at (530) 751-6105 or by email at [email protected].

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