The book sale continues …

The Friends of the Chester Library would like to express its deep appreciation to all who attended and made purchases and donations during the annual book sale Aug. 4 and 5 at the library. It was an immense success.

Friends announced that the sale will continue through the end of September.

Stop by and feel free to take your time and peruse the books that are now placed under the covered patio of the library/museum next to the creek.

You can then purchase the books inside the library. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to find yourself a treasure and help your local library at the same time.

Where does your financial contribution go?  It goes directly to the Chester Library, where it helps fund the Literacy Program, a variety of children’s programs, the purchase of office supplies and needed equipment.

The money also assists the library to make repairs to the building and much, much more.

You funds help the library function! Without your support, the community could lose some valuable programs for those in need.