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The first glimmer of hope

Plumas County residents have been reeling from the Dixie Fire, which has been wreaking havoc since it broke out July 13. There have been moments of hope that the fire could be corralled, only to have them dashed when the fire destroyed first Greenville, then Canyon Dam. It’s not done with us … but yesterday brought the first glimmer of good news — Meadow Valley residents were allowed to return home. They remain under an evacuation warning, but for the first time in weeks they could go home.

Meadow Valley resident Michael Herndon captured this photo, and though it’s the result of destruction, it holds beauty and an image. See if you can see what he saw. The answer is below the photo.

Photo by Michael Herndon


There is a woman in the smoke, looking up at the sun with her face illuminated. You can see her neck, her shoulder, her hair, and her arm and even her hand. She could be seen as a symbol of hope.

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