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Space in the Plumas County Environmental Health office is being used to process and document Right of Entry applications — the first step for property owners to be able to rebuild on their land damaged by the Beckwourth and Dixie fires. Barb Vineyard and Jim Perez, who worked in hazmat during his career with environmental health, are processing and tracking applications. Photo by Debra Moore

The first steps to rebuild in fire’s aftermath underway – fill out Right of Entry form

While the Dixie Fire continues to burn and threaten more communities, other areas are ready to begin the recovery process. Property owners have a choice — they can work with the government funded debris removal program or choose an alternative, private insurance option. Insured residents should consult with their insurance representatives to choose the program that is best for them. Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns and County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick have advised that with the second option, residents should be aware of the potential cost of debris removal and what limitations their insurance might include.

The government program and is at no cost to the property owners and the process is now underway. The first step is submitting a Right of Entry permit application.

The Plumas County debris removal team announced this week that the Right of Entry permit applications are now available for survivors of the Beckwourth Complex and Dixie fires.  Right of Entry permit applications, also known as ROE forms, are needed for property owners to participate in this government-funded, fire debris removal program.  The program coordinates benefits with private insurance, and the property owner never pays any out-of-pocket expenses for debris removal, even if they do not have insurance.

This is a turnkey program that will help you complete all of the steps necessary for restoring your property. It will handle all of the details to remove metal, ash, toxics and other waste materials from your property.  When finished, you will receive a certification that the property is safe and free of hazards so you will be ready to rebuild.

To obtain an ROE form, visit the Plumas County website and click on the debris removal link under the Dixie Fire tab (https://www.plumascounty.us/DocumentCenter/View/37759/Plumas-County-ROE-2021-Final_fillable) You can also request a form by emailing [email protected] or obtain one in person at the Environmental Health office at 270 County Hospital Road Quincy.  When completing the form, please remember the following:

  • All property owners must sign the completed Right of Entry (ROE) form
  • Provide a copy of a Government Issued ID (Driver’s license, passport)
  • Provide Insurance Policy information if applicable (provide following pages only):
    • Declaration page
    • Debris Removal coverage section/page
    • Assessor’s parcel number (APN)

If you have any questions, please contact the Debris Removal Call Center at 530-283-7080.

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