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Quinlee Newman, 6, seems to enjoy her bite of pizza from The Grizzly Bite in Taylorsville. The grand opening is this Saturday. Photo by Andrea Singer

The Grizzly Bite celebrates grand opening Saturday

By Andrea Singer

Special to Plumas News

Hugh Ausmus is the owner of Taylorsville’s new eatery, The Grizzly Bite. Photo by Andrea Singer

This week marked the soft opening of Indian Valley’s newest eatery and watering hole, The Grizzly Bite. Open Thursday through Monday, sun up to sun down, they offer a mouth savoring array of both breakfast and pizza, including a fun twist on the traditional pie with their breakfast pizza! Using only high quality, hand-picked ingredients the menu is as delicious as it is fun.

As you look over the menu you may realize that all of  their pizzas are named after local Indian Valley haunts — a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the locals. If you aren’t familiar with the area, yet have some time to spare, you may want to ask the table next to you for directions to one of the destinations mentioned in the menu, as Indian Valley has spectacular scenery for nature lovers. 

This isn’t owner Hugh Ausmus’ first rodeo when it comes to being a Plumas County small business owner. In fact, many Quincy residents may recognize him from their own neck of the woods where he used to own Hugh’s barber shop in downtown Quincy. After 12 years away, Hugh felt a calling to come home amidst the devastating Dixie Fire, seeing an opportunity to give back to a community that holds a special place in his heart. Hugh’s vision is to provide Indian Valley with “good jobs, good food, good service!”  Well Hugh, you’re off to a great start. The Grizzly Bite is quickly becoming a hub for locals, grateful for a place to once again congregate out of the harsh elements, bringing back a sense of “togetherness” many have been yearning for. 

Long-time Greenville resident, Pat Bradley enthusiastically shared her thoughts about the local treasure being brought back to life. “From my position it may be easy to say this because I have standing homes, but the fire has cleared the past, and the realization it will never be the same. Now we have the opportunity to ask, what do WE want? But places like the Grizzly Bite give us an anchor into the past. They are still there, and so unchanged. When you go in there, your using the same cups I love that.”

No matter if your roots run deep or you’re just passing through, Taylorsville hospitality is sure to make y’all feel welcome at the Grizzly Bite. Come on down to celebrate the Grand Opening THIS Saturday Jan. 21.

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