Chester resident Karyn Merriman truly enjoys taking her kayak out on Lake Almanor and taking photographs of the scenery and wildlife. While on the lake Sept. 24, she revisited an area near the confluence of the flood control canal into the lake and was again delighted to see a family of otters occupying the vicinity. This time, by slowly following, she was able to get some shots of them as they came out of the water. Merriman noted that there were six otters in total, but she could never get all of them in one place at a time. Here are five as they sun by the waters edge. Photos by Karyn Merriman

The many faces of winter

This photo appears to be the two parents as they break away from their four pups and head back into the water. Merriman said that many people she has told about her meeting with the otter family didn’t realize there were any otters living around Lake Almanor. This is the second year she has encountered them in the same area and shared her photos.