The new deck at White Sulphur Springs Ranch

In the accompanying photo we see Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council (MVSC) volunteer Tim Buckhout on the newly completed outdoor deck at White Sulphur Springs Ranch (WSSR).  Tim has been married for many years, but he is standing almost exactly in the spot a new bridegroom would stand during a wedding ceremony.  The view from the deck is spectacular. The entire entrance to the Mohawk Valley as well as Mills Peak is spread out before the observer from the rise that the deck is built on. The old ranch house is also visible off to the right.

Tim and volunteers Robert Ware, Mark Cowan, Roger Hermsmeyer, Brian Verhalen and Kent Hemmick put in many hours, but the largest share of the effort to complete the deck goes to Tim.  Not only did he perform the work but also solicited donations from area businesses.  A total of 13 business owners contributed to the construction of the deck. Local firms like White Cap Ready Mix, Cretecraft Concrete, Sierra Pacific Industries, ADI Inc., Home Depot and Lowes in Reno were also major donors. The MVSC received two grants in support of the “Living History School Days” program offered by WSSR. One grant was awarded by the Safeway/Albertson foundation and the other from the Grizzly-Stein Foundation.

Progress on the renovation depends on the good will and generosity of the community. The MVSC owes these organizations a huge thank you. Their generosity has inspired the dedicated volunteers that get the jobs done at the WSSR.

The new deck is an important addition to the facilities at WSSR. It will see some beautiful wedding ceremonies and important lectures. Besides being the focus of the Living History School Days program, it can be a dance floor and a stage for entertainers in future on-site events.  For more information, a complete list of donors and membership opportunities, visit the website at