The Renegade Light Parade will snake through Portola Dec. 18

Portola City Manager Lauren Knox announced that the “2020 Renegade Light Parade” will be held on Friday, Dec. 18 at 5 p.m. Parade participants are asked to meet in the parking area in front of the City Park on Gulling Street at 4:30 pm. Residents can view from the safety of their home or street as the parade snakes through town.

“As we all know, this year we have to do things a bit differently. In order to spread some holiday cheer, while keeping health and safety of the utmost importance, we will be having a light parade that does not follow the standard concept of a parade,” Knox said in a statement. “For the Renegade Light Parade the goal is to drive by, or as close to, as many homes as possible. This is a bit different than a standard parade where we would have a congregation spot for viewing, an announcer, etc. Because of the this, the route will essentially snake through town. Since the route will have to be longer and we will not be able to have traffic control, we are asking participants to be in vehicles only and to please follow all traffic laws.”