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The votes are in

Will the lights go off?

Voters in Crescent Mills and Quincy turned down a special tax to keep the streetlights on, while their counterparts in Eastern Plumas also said “no” to a fire tax.

Kathy Williams, the county’s chief elections official, announced the final tallies Nov. 16 following the Nov. 7 mail ballot. While some ballots were initially tabulated on Election Day, those that were postmarked by Nov. 7 also had to be counted.

While the later votes did not impact the lighting or fire tax proposals, they did change the outcome for the Plumas Eureka Community Services District directors.

Those results were as follows:

– S. Frank Shepard, 106 votes for 31.27 percent.

– Dave Stone, 94 votes for 27.73 percent.

– Steve Janovick, 69 votes for 20.35 percent.

– Richard Machado, 68 votes for 20.06 percent.

During the initial ballot count, Machado had bested Janovick in the close race. The top three vote earners were elected to the board.

Lighting margins

In Crescent Mills, 27 voters cast their ballots with 14 voting against the tax and 13 voting in favor of it.

In Quincy, 556 voters opposed the tax, while 459 were in favor.

Both votes required two-thirds approval to pass, and both were turned down by simple majorities.

The lights won’t go off immediately; the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to discuss the issue in January.

Prior to the election, residents were told there wasn’t enough funding to keep all of the lights on, but they weren’t told which lights would be turned off.

Fire tax

The special fire tax for the Eastern Plumas Fire Protection District also needed a two-thirds vote to be approved, but it went down to defeat with 175 “no” votes to 155 “yes” votes.

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