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An Almanor Mayfly from the 2022 Lake Almanor Hex Hatch shows off its beautiful sunshine yellow colors for fisherman John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. Photo by John Crotty

The wait is over! It’s Hex Hatch time at Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

The recent cold spell has water temps once again hovering around the 60-degree mark. Another weather system passed through with rain at lake level and snow at higher elevations. With the cold wet weather, there was an increase in water level a couple of days last week. Temperatures are warming this week with nighttime lows in the 50s and daytime highs in the 80s.

The insect hatch continues with bug hatches going off all over the lake, in addition, as is typical for the third week of June, the Almanor Hex Hatch has begun. “I saw shucks on the water today and witnessed three Hex flies emerge in the middle of the day,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association.

The Hex Hatch should only improve for the next few weeks. “If you are a fly fisherman you know the routine, if you have never witnessed the Lake Almanor “Hex Hatch” now is the time,” said Crotty. Each evening along the West Shore there will be prolific hatches taking place with big beautiful yellow mayflies emerging from the depths of Almanor to hatch at dusk when ducks, geese, bats, bass and trout feast on these tender, high protein morsels. There will literally be thousands of Hex hatching each evening.

The trolling bite has improved this past week with fish being caught at Red Bank, Rec #1 to Big Cove and along the East Shore. “While the bite is far from red hot, the fish we are catching are fat and healthy,” said Crotty. “Slow trolling plastics, crawlers, and mealworms at one mph have been producing fish.” Bass fishermen are still catching quality bass off structures, and points with plastics, the bait of choice. Bank fishermen are targeting fish at Hamilton Branch.

Almanor Fishing Association is preparing for the 5th Veterans Fishing Day on Lake Almanor. If you are a Veteran and would like to spend Saturday, June 25, fishing on Lake Almanor and attending a tri-tip barbecue after fishing please contact us at Almanorfishingassociation.org or by email @[email protected] to get signed up. There are a couple of spots left!

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