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Time is running out for pet rescue group

By Rose Buzzetta

Chair of the Board of Plumas County Friends Animals

After being nursed back to health by Friends of Plumas County Animals volunteers, he is on his way to a new home. Photo submitted

Smoke is the last kitten to be adopted in 2020. He and his siblings — Ember, Hot Spot and AshLee — were rescued from one of our big fires this summer. Their mother had apparently succumbed to the fire and the babies were left at 3.5 weeks old — dirty, hungry and, unknown to us, full of ringworm.

All four were bottle fed and then their skin condition cared for day and night for 11 weeks. Exhausting and tiresome surely, but the outcome was four incredible loving kittens that were ready for new homes and new adventures.

Unfortunately, these four may be the last kittens to be re-homed by Friends unless we can find another building in which to do rescue. On Feb.17 we lose the lease on our rescue site. This move is an emotional gut wrench for all the volunteers. We have worked hard and put much effort and money into the building and it has worked very well for our needs. But not owning the building we must acquiesce to the needs of the landlord who sees other uses for it coming up. The hardest part of the loss of the building is the reality that we may not be able to find another site to do the rescue work.

In the eight years we have been at the site we are extremely proud that that over 400 animals have come, been loved and nursed back into physical and emotional health, and then gone into new homes. Over 400 that have not gone into the county system or cost the county one dime. Those dimes are taxpayer money and our rescue and the others in the county, not only do a service to the animals we home, but a huge service to the county and to the public.

Friends has given out hundreds of spay and neuter vouchers (for dogs and cats) over the years and we have actively trapped and broken up many feral populations in Portola, Greenville and Quincy. Our policy has been to take the kittens into rescue and spay the mothers returning them to the area they were found. We are extremely saddened that this effort to control the feline population will have to come to an end if we don’t find another building.

We need more help. The outpouring of well wishes and donations has been overwhelming and shows the huge amount of support and respect people have for the work of Friends, but what we really need is the donation of a building or a piece of land, which is properly zoned for animal rescue. This is huge and a request not made lightly. We have money for improvements — and have heaters, a hot water heater, kitchen sinks, washer/dryer, enclosures, traps, bedding, cat trees, paneling, food, carriers, litter, heart and drive and need a home for it all.

Until we find the perfect replacement for our little building all of the above will be in storage — safe, but not helping any animal, which is heart and soul breaking to all of us.

Many, many thanks to our supporters who have rallied with kind words and monetary donations. Friends will rise with your help!

Much love to you all from the volunteers at Friends. May your New Year be filled with   laughter and peace.

Friends of PC Animals is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.  No one in Friends gets a salary and no money is spent on administrative fees. Friends is not a county entity. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Friends, PO Box 182, Quincy 95971. Thank you for your continued support.

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