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Time to sign up for Lost and Found gravel ride

Founded in 2014, the Lost and Found gravel ride came to life as a way to showcase some of the vast and stunning landscapes of a piece of the northern Sierra Nevada range known as the Lost Sierra. A 100-mile ride conducted mostly on untamed and little-used dirt roads north of Lake Davis, the Lost and Found was not only a scenic masterpiece but an epic test of riders and their equipment. Word spread fast, and over the next few years the Lost and Found packed its field limits and became known as one hell of a good time.

Then came the last two years … Covid-19 laid a beatdown on life for everyone, everywhere, and completely crushed the idea of shared recreation. Additionally, back-to-back wildfires decimated Plumas County over the past two summers.

Wildfires have a way of clarifying what matters in life, when an entire town is facing imminent destruction. What better way to celebrate friendship, community, and the prospect of regeneration than to take a dirt road tour of spectacular mountain landscapes.
So, June 4th, it’s on! Start and finish in downtown Portola. There are 101-, 61- and 39-mile route options, each filled with incredible views and amazing terrain. Registration opened in March  ; organizers are asking that participants treat their entry as a fundraiser to help build the Lost Sierra Route. More details on that can be found here, but the super short version is this: organizers believe emphatically that recreation needs to be a cornerstone in the recovery of these fire-ravaged communities, and the Lost Sierra Route is a 600+ mile connection between them that will showcase the beauty and resilience of this amazing place. Your entry will help build this route, and this route will help communities heal.

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