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Firefighters on the ground lay hose in advance of the Toll Fire. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Toll and Squirrel Fires

8 p.m.: The Forest Service released some information after its evening briefing, though more details are expected later after all of the firefighters report on the day’s activities. The Cascade spot fire has been wrapped up at .41 acres. The Toll Fire is essentially the same acreage (50 acres) and has a line around it, though the line needs strengthening and mop-up to make sure the they hold, particularly with tomorrow’s forecast for thunderstorms. The Squirrel Fire is proving the most troublesome. There is line around portions of it, but it is not tied in, nor secure. This fire has the most likelihood to spread and continue threatening nearby homes. It is very steep and treacherous with heavy dry fuels.

3 p.m.: There are now 350 personnel assigned to the Toll and Squirrel fires and a fire camp has been established at the fairgrounds. Crew continue to make progress building containment lines and mopping up hotspots; acreage remains roughly the same. There have been no further evacuations, but 70 structures remain threatened.

8:35 a.m., Monday, Aug. 21: The Toll and Squirrel fires that broke out yesterday afternoon near Oakland Camp now stand at 50 and 250 acres respectively. A small spot fire from the Toll, is the Cascade. Fire crews continue to construct direct line around the fires where it is safe to do so, but some of the terrain is very steep and rugged, with winds expected today.

10 thoughts on “Toll and Squirrel Fires

  • Can we get info on evacuation..are any structures threatned? How close to Oakland Camp did it get and does the Squirrel fire look like it will be contained or is it out of control? Any evacuations other than Oakland Camp?

    • As was reported yesterday, Oakland Camp was successfully evacuated. At this time there are no other evacuations. Also, as was reported earlier, fire crews are working on containing the fires, but the Squirrel is located in steep, rough terrain.

  • Nothing vital threatned from the Squirrel fire so far? Communications…homes…etc.?

  • I don’t think the editor read your questions very carefully.

    • The editor did read the questions carefully, but doesn’t have all of the answers at this time. As more information becomes available, it will be shared.

  • Maybe the editor should have stated that was all the info they had or didnt know the answer to the questions at that time..

    • Maybe we should give the editor a break (kindly thank her for all she does) and take a chill…hostility is showing…and it ain’t pretty.

      • Thank you nice person.

      • I agree! Venom here is amazing at times.

  • I am most concerned for the wife and family of the accused arsonist…how awful this must be for them…please keep them in your prayers

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