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ToolBank opens in Greenville

After months of planning and waiting, the ToolBank will open on Thursday, June 1, in Greenville. Suzy Hunter, of Hunter Hardware, will provide this free service at The Spot for now, but she plans to move it next to her hardware store when it is ready to open. This project will give residents access to many battery-powered tools, ranging from drills to miter saws, and even a jackhammer. There are also many hand tools for woodwork and yard maintenance.

When borrowing these tools, two things are important to understand: First, the tools are on loan to us and we have to return them. In order to assure that Suzy does not get stuck having to pay for the tools, she will have to hold a deposit while the tool is loaned out. The deposit will be returned when the tool is returned. We realize this may be a problem, especially for expensive tools, but Suzy is doing this as a volunteer; she is not making any money on it, and we need to protect her so she doesn’t have to pay if someone does not return a tool.

The second issue is not using the tools for commercial projects or financial gain. This was a requirement from ToolBank’s donors who fund the program for disaster recovery, and we simply have to agree to this if we want to have the program.

The ToolBank will be open every Thursday and Friday, from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. If those hours are not convenient, borrowers may contact Suzy Hunter through Facebook for an appointment. Residents should be aware that ToolBank has done this for the community at no cost, and the Indian Valley Thrift Shop is paying for the insurance. If you appreciate the ToolBank, be sure to drop by and thank the folks at the Thrift Shop when they open on June 10.

2 thoughts on “ToolBank opens in Greenville

  • This is such a wonderful service! We hope community members will find useful tools to help rebuild. The deposit will not be charged, but held until tool is returned, from what I understand or used only if necessary.

  • What a super awesome resource! Sounds a lot like the SynergyMill makerspace resource has a friend in the community!

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