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Working on the Soda Creek trail as part of the trail crew this past summer are, from left, Brandon Carr, Caleb Caporale and Gale Renouf.

Trail work party Feb. 6

The Boyle’s Ravine welcome sign in Quincy. Photos by Caleb Caporale

Although many of us in Plumas County love to take advantage of the multitude of trails and roads stretching throughout our forests, few of us realize the work it takes to actually establish and maintain those trails. 

My name is Caleb Caporale, and I am a senior at Quincy High School. For my senior project, I will be partnering up with my summer trail crew leader — the trails director of Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Mandy Beatty. Our goal is to organize a group of volunteers to help redefine the Boyle’s Ravine Trail (and possibly others) to make it more accessible, enjoyable and safe to the public. We would also like to pass on our experience and our love of trails and the outdoors to people who may not possess tool skills or knowledge on proper trail maintenance.

This trail in particular often goes unnoticed to most, despite its close location and proximity to the beautiful Boyle Creek. Located right above Quincy Elementary School, the potential to take a short hike before going to pick up your child can become a reality. It can also be a field trip destination or even just a nicer place to walk your dogs.

This trail is a learning landscapes area, used frequently by elementary school teachers to educate their students about our local watershed. Jim Doohan, the land manager of Quincy Community Services District, has approved the project, so all we need now is a strong labor force!

With even a small team of workers, this trail can be restored quickly and easily. Anyone willing to help should wear proper attire — gloves, sturdy boots and work pants SBTS will bring tools. Even those who do not want to work are encouraged to come and hopefully learn something new about trail work and the place we live.

The next scheduled work day is Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 3 p.m. — subject to change due to weather conditions.

Happy Trails from Caleb Caporale and Mandy Beatty.

The trail map shows the Boyle Ravine trail that will be the subject of a clean-up effort coordinated by QHS senior Caleb Caporale and Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Trails Director Mandy Beatty.

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