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The restored 1861 Shasta County Courthouse is a stark reminder of the many changes in Californian’s lifestyles.  Both Seth Linn, left and Wyatt Strange said they learned quite a lot by touring the Shasta State Historic Park and both picked up a little memento from the gift shop to remind them of the trip. Photo by Gregg Scott

Troop 36 explores the new and the old on weekend outing

By Gregg Scott

Staff writer

 As part of the Chester Boy Scout Troop 36 activity agenda, they try to have an outdoor related outing every month. A lot of these events are camping or hiking treks, but during the harsh winter months some end up being more educational and exploring trips. That is the venue they enjoyed on Saturday, March 4 as they traveled to northern Sacramento Valley to check out some history and what outdoor adventures are available.

First stop was the Nor-Cal Sports Show at the Anderson Fairgrounds to see what is new in equipment and outdoor gear for just about any sport you could name. Camping, fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking, kayaking, boating along with guides and travel agents offering adventures local and afar. The Troop got some great information on camping around Shasta Lake and tours of the Shasta Caverns. Lots of activities and new friends to meet and quite easy for them to make up a wish list for Christmas.

Next was a visit to the restored Shasta County Courthouse that as it would have been in 1861 when it was converted from a commercial building to the courthouse in the town of “Shasta City.” Shasta City was called the “Queen City” of California’s northern mining district during the Gold Rush years. The remaining ruins of the original town are a reminder of the early history of the area that has developed into the greater Redding California which now has a population pushing 100,000 people. Now it is called the Shasta State Historical Park. The Scouts were amazed by some of the artifacts and old photos about the swift justice of times gone by. Their eyes were also opened by some of the jail cell voices telling long past stories as they toured the downstairs jail.

Entering one of the four large exhibition buildings you are greeted by displays of campers, boats, ATVs and even hot tubs. Each building has different kinds and flavors of outdoor offerings. Besides the indoor displays there were many items to look at outside on the fairgrounds. Photo by Gregg Scott

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