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The Rotary Club of Chester was visited by the Nevada Area Council of Scouting BSA to receive their Charter Document for sponsoring Chester Troop 36 in 2023.  Pictured from left is Leslie Scott who received the Council’s ‘Troop Committee Chair of the Year’ award, Gregg Scott; Troop 36 S.M. & Rotarian, Craig Settlemire; Chester Rotary Sponsoring  Organization Representative, and Dan Deakin; District Director, Nevada Area Council, Scouting BSA. Photo by Cheri McIntire

Troop Chester welcomes new sponsor Chester Rotary; thanks former sponsor the Elks

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

There have been many changes in the upper echelons of the Boy Scouts of America over the last few years that many folks may have heard rumors about, but don’t really know what the end results have been.  As a quick overview; Most people know there have been numerous lawsuits filed and millions of dollars have been set aside by many organizations to settle valid suits, most of which are from actions decades old. The national scouting organization has instituted new and vigorous protocols to ensure those types of incidents don’t happen again.  The scouting program as far as education and outdoor experiences has been updated, but the core values as defined by the Scout Oath and Scout Law have not been altered.  The scouting experience has been expanded to include girls for all scouting ages, but scout units are not co-ed. There are boy troops and girl troops. Cub meetings are co-ed, but dens are again separated into girl dens and boy dens. The national organization is now called “Scouting BSA” to reflect the addition of these new members.

As a result of these many changes in operational protocols there have also been numerous changes in the Council and local units.  Speaking to the changes for local Scout Troop 36, probably the most important change is the sponsoring organization for the troop.  Beginning with the 2023 scout year, Troop 36 will be sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chester. Rotary has long been allied with BSA as many local clubs already sponsor scout units and additionally supported by the ‘International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians’. Chester Rotary is thrilled to have the opportunity to join in with a more directand active role.

Troop 36 would also like to give their previous sponsor, the Lake Almanor Elk’s Lodge 2626 a warm and sincere Thank You for their support for almost 20 years.  They have shown a dedication that has been vital in the past and they have promised their continued support into the future. The desires of both organizations is to see the scouting experience in the Lake Almanor Basin continue to grow and prosper. If you know some one with a boy aged 11-16 that is interested in joining Troop 36 please contact Leslie Scott at 530-570-6136. She can also point you in the right direction if you would like to start up a Cub Pack or Girls Troop.

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