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Armed robbery suspect from Colorado

5 p.m.: Sheriff Greg Hagwood said that the armed robbery suspect arrested this afternoon has been identified as Craig Dean Wilson of Colorado.

2:10 p.m. The suspect in the two Portola armed robberies is now in custody. The Sheriff’s Office personnel and CHP have been busy this afternoon. Simultaneously they were investigating the report of a woman being chased down Highway 70 by a man wielding a knife. The Sheriff reports that suspect is now cornered in a trailer.

1:20 p.m., Monday, Sept 4: Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood is reporting that there were two armed robbery attempts in the city of Portola within the past hour – the first at Higher Elevations on Commercial Street and the second at the Coffee Tree Express on East Sierra. A suspect is being sought and may already be in CHP custody. More information to follow as it becomes available.

28 thoughts on “Armed robbery suspect from Colorado

  • Was it attempts or actual robbery???

    • Both. The suspect was successful in one attempt, but not the other.

    • Busy day in Portola

  • Information will be posted as it becomes available. The incidents are still under investigation.

  • How can you be in custody and cornered?

    • The armed robbery suspect is in custody, there is a separate suspect most likely unrelated who was wielding a knife.

  • Your a real piece of work Craig Wilson. Last time I saw you in Portola I paid you money to help me with my display cabinets for the store because you needed money. On top of that I also gifted you many hats, shirts, shoes, and a nice jacket to get you through the winter. Thanks for stabbing me in the back after my kind gesture to help make sure you we well off. Also, you’re a real smart guy trying to steal from Higher Elevation because we have the best camera survilence in Portola. Your photo is going to look really good on my wall of shame! Loser!!! ✌️

    • Ha, post it on FB for all of us to see! Shame is the name of the game!

    • Everyone thought I was lying about him! He stole about 11 thousand dollars from me and got my car taken cause I would give him the money to pay my car payment! He lived with my daughter and her boyfriend and I for free! He even took from his own mother! Stole her car! Robbed his ex-wife, Me and everyone else that gave him a place to stay and who know who else! Your a piece of xxxx Craig Wilson!

      • You need to file a police report and get this added to his charges. There are countless people who have been affected by Craig. Don’t let him get away with this. Go to your local police department and file a police report, and show them this arrest report so the police departments can work in conjunction with each other. He need to finally have some consequences for his actions.

    • You need to file a police report and get this added to his charges. There are COUNTLESS people who have been affected by Craig. Don’t let him get away with this. Go to your local police department and file a police report, and show them this arrest report so the police departments can work in conjunction with each other. He need to finally have some consequences for his actions.

  • I’m not for or against weed, but this is what happens when we bring things like this into our little town.

    • I agree, we should ban coffee shops from Portola…

      • Lol. Yes

    • oh grow up

      • Tobacco shop….yeah. And the Bank Club is a money lender.

    • Ya coffee also that’s a stupid thing to think !

  • Yep ban coffee shops don’t blame the ships for actions of criminals!

  • Troll somewheres else Richard

  • Well, honestly maybe it would have been a more prevented situation. If sheriff dept. Wasn’t out trying to harrass someone that they know they will get awAy with harassing. (over there boredom daily issues.) Meaning if they did anything other than that, there probably wouldn’t have been two places at target, maybe not even one if the people involved weren’t able to predict what was already distracting the typical officer of his daily routin by making it seem to the public like there actually working. just saying,MAYBE It could have been different to the tragedy. But people blaming it on a store that has been victimized, come on people this town is upsetting and will never be anything more then the sad downward town because u all push away anything of change for it to grow .. Quit justifying by pointing at anything other then what really is to blame here!

  • RIch, I’m sorry, but you are so off base, you aren’t even in the game. Legal marijuana has nothing, not one thing to do with this suspect being a low down, no good thief. It’s views like yours that make people look like idiots.

    • I didn’t realize that giving one’s opinion makes that person a troll. I have no knowledge of the person in question, and maybe shouldn’t have made the leap that his crime had to do with marijuana. If he had just tried to rob a coffee shop, I wouldn’t have commented. Either way, I still don’t think legal marijuana and “tobacco” shops are the right thing for this area. Disagree with me all you want…that’s your right. Just like it is my right to have this opinion.

  • We have so many fine lakes for trolling I have to wonder why anyone would bother dropping a line in here.

    Meanwhile, we have people whining about the sheriff’s work instead of saying thanks. That’s American gratitude for us. Anyone who thinks they can run the department better is welcome to go for the job. Talk is cheaper than water.

  • I’ve known this piece of xxxx since 6 or 7th grade and I tried to warn people about him, but everyone stuck up for him. I think it’s funny now that everyone who called me an xxxxxxx for bashing him on Facebook has now been screwed over. He did horrible things to me in high school that actually have affected the rest of my life and how I am with men. I should have turned your xxx in. I hope you stay in there forever Craig. You are a bad seed.

    • This post has been edited to remove the profanity.

  • Honestly I personally feel,that this incident was a good thing. It removed a individual off the streets that apparently was a person I definitely don’t like my child to walk in the town .. and being such a small place they mostly can have the safety assurance of not living in fear of that type influences as we have alot of in city areas where its hard to not have our eyes on them playing in the front yard. But thank you for the fact of making sure the scum bag didn’t get away. As for the review about the sheriff dept. Not doing there jobs in the comments above, I believe its another issue that a huge percentage of the county can say they feel somewhat the same views as what was the actual meanING by that, but not that there not doing there jobs so much but maybe “HOW”THEY DO THERE JOB…. A very clear view of the daily routine here is that cops jobs are not supposed to be harassing the public or instigating an arrest… its to SERVE AND PROTECT.. But I don’t see allot of our cops doing that for the community ..basically I do see individuals in fear of leaving there homes because they try to avoid being harassed just to go to the store. As well as the scanner I always hear probation check by officers that see someone at the. Gas station so they run probation on them, but why you know ×××× well that our taxes are already paying for the program they are doing for there addiction last time you arrested them… So are you saying probation isn’t doing there job, is what ur saying then why are our tax moneys going to the funding of that… Or is it ur really harassing them to get more of our money to housing them as well for both agency’s to make double out of the hard working man.

  • Here’s my opinion on Craig. I think Craig is a cool guy who never stole from me. He’s obviously going through hard times & made some bad choices but I’m sure being locked up will give him time to maybe change his life around & make everything right. Hang in there Craig JB&KC

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