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Two arrested in connection with $15,000 in alleged stolen items

Richard Dixon, arrested Oct. 14.

A missing diamond ring was not among what Sheriff’s officers are calling a multitude of stolen items recovered during a residential search Oct. 14 in Portola.

A deputy estimated what was recovered was worth approximately $15,000, according to Patrol Sgt. Steve Clark.

It was Oct. 13 at 7:57 a.m. when the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office dispatch received a report that items were stolen from a house and storage shed in Portola, according to Sheriff Greg Hagwood.

A deputy responded and determined that the items were stolen from a locked house and the storage facility.

Christina Jansen, arrested Oct. 15.

During the burglary investigation, the deputy was also able to determine that Richard Dixon and Christina Jansen were the suspects.

The following day at 3 p.m., deputies conducted a probation search of the pair’s residence at 585 Ridgewood Drive in Portola, Hagwood said.

That’s when deputies recovered many items believed to be stolen from the burglarized property. During the search it was determined that Dixon and Jansen were in possession of the stolen items.

Dixon was immediately arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. He was booked into the Plumas County Correction Center in Quincy.

Jansen was not at the property at the time of the search and Dixon’s arrest.

A search was made of the Portola area for Jansen. She was located the following day at an undisclosed location in that area. She too was arrested and booked in the county jail. She was charged on warrants, but additional charges are pending.

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