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Two fires still active in Indian Valley

Update, 8:30 a.m., Saturday, July 1: The Crescent Fire stayed within its lines last night and is at about 30 acres. Smoke drifted into nearby Indian Creek canyon and Indian Falls. The Genesee Fire is at 6.5 acres and is being mopped up and lines improved. The fire is quiet with little visible smoke. A third fire, that was quickly held to one-tenth of an acre, is in patrol status. Travelers are reminded to drive carefully through the Indian Valley area.

Update, 5 p.m.: The Crescent Fire is reported at 15 acres. A firefighter was transported from the scene with heat exhaustion. Highway 89 remains open. Helicopters are aiding the ground effort to fight the fire. The Genesee Fire is reported at 8 acres.

The California Highway Patrol requests that anyone who observes suspicious activity on the side of the highways to notify law enforcement.

UPDATE, 2 p.m.: According to the Forest Service, the fire south of Arlington Road has been knocked down by locals on the scene. The Crescent  Fire is about three acres and the Genesee Fire is about one acre.

UPDATE: A third fire has broken out in Indian Valley and Quincy Fire is responding to assist Forest Service and local fire departments. The third fire is in the Arlington Road area.

Plumas National Forest firefighters are battling two small fires in Indian Valley.

One fire is south of Crescent Mills and was  a little over 1 acre at 12:30 p.m., June 30. It is burning in brush, timber and oak litter. Hand crews and engines are on scene with helicopters and air tankers due shortly. Additional hand crews on order. Cause is not known at this time. The CHP is on scene.

The second fire is 1 mile east of Genesee Store. Local volunteers and the Forest Service responding. Initial size reported is at about 5 acres.

4 thoughts on “Two fires still active in Indian Valley

  • Where is the 3rd. fire?

    • It’s on Arlington Road, but according to the Forest Service it is already out.

  • Any news on the fires this morning?

    • Just posted an update from the Forest Service.

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