Two local authors featured at upcoming book signings

Local authors Leo “Bud” Buczkowske and Linda McDermott will be at Barn Owl Books, 373 Main St., in Quincy, to sign and sell copies of their latest books.

Buczkowske will be there Thursday, July 25, at 5 p.m. and McDermott will appear on Friday, Aug. 2, at 4:30 p.m.

Bud Buczkowske

Buczkowske, who lives in the small gold mining town of Alleghany and also in Portola, will be talking about his latest book, “Road to Jericho,” a tale of a Midwest family traveling west in the early 1900s.


He has written 17 books for all ages — both fiction and non-fiction, cook books and mathematic books. A few of his titles include “A Town Above the Eagles,” “Eight Horses for Forty Men,” “Legends of Pro Football,” “Pioneers of Sierra County” and “Krystal Rain.” Ann Wynant, a highly regarded and respected teacher at Portola High for 39 years, is his book editor. The two are currently working on a screenplay for his latest book.

Linda McDermott

Linda McDermott’s first book, a collection of her memoirs, “No Regrets: Adventuring Through Life” will be available during her book signing at Barn Owl Books on Friday, Aug. 2. Image submitted

When it comes to fulfilling her dreams, this author says she has no regrets. In fact, that is the name of McDermott’s first book, a collection of her memoirs, “No Regrets: Adventuring Through Life.”

“I happened to run into people who were excited about the stories I was telling, and they asked me to write them down. I didn’t even think about it until my children also started begging me to tell the stories,” McDermott said. The author said she got her travel beginnings in a quirky sort of way. “I just bought a ticket somewhere and the rest of it unfolded.”


Her debut book, “No Regrets,” is about how a woman navigates through her Midwestern beginnings and expectations, then manages to travel in all seven continents, including working twice in Antarctica. As she ages, she gains inner strength and confidence to travel, and experiences quirky adventures that come her way in remote places, all the time searching for balance in her life.

In her travels, she collected interesting items from all over the world, including natural materials and handmade items, which led to her writing a second book, “Grandma’s Baskets.” The children’s book features her own grandsons, Morgan, Jack and baby Max, who are interested in everything they find in the baskets.

Asked what advice she would give someone who was thinking about writing, McDermott said she would pass along the same message given to her. “When I serendipitously ran across an L.A. Times book reviewer, she said to just write … start something, somewhere. You run into people everywhere that can feed your passion and add to your story,” she said.