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With Fleischmann Lake as a backdrop, a successful camp inspection and the thought of sloppy Joes for lunch, it’s no wonder everyone is smiling as staff from the Almanor Ranger District and the BSA Nevada Area Council pause for a photo July 22. From left: Fire Prevention Officer Brigitte Foster, NAC Executive Officer/CEO Paul Penttila, Almanor District Ranger Russell Nickerson, Natural Resource Officer Janie Ackley, Camp Director Evan Pollock and Camp Program Director Eric Maass. Photo by Gregg Scott

USDA and BSA enjoy a long running partnership

Camp Fleischmann, just up Juniper Lake Road from Chester, is the location for the Boy Scouts, Nevada Area Council (NAC) summer camp program.

It draws a multitude of scouts and leaders into the area each year from across Nevada and Northern California.

For over 65 years the NAC and the Almanor Ranger District, USDA Forest Service have partnered to ensure a premiere location for the programs while maintaining a safe and healthy national forest.

Forest Service personnel visit Fleischmann at different times of the year, but there is normally an “official” visit each year while the camp program is in progress.

This year, on July 22, the current staff at the Almanor Forest Service District Office drove up to the camp so Fire Prevention Officer Brigitte Foster could walk the property with Camp Director Evan Pollock checking for safe fire conditions.

At the same time, Almanor District Ranger Russell Nickerson and Natural Resource Officer Janie Ackley met with NAC Executive/CEO Paul Penttila and Camp Program Director Eric Maass to review requested action items, care and maintenance, and proposed future improvements.

One of the humorous moments during the discussion was regarding new paint for maintaining wood structures and seats.

The question was asked, “What color would you like us to use?”

The answer, “Just about any natural earth tone would be fine.”

Humorous response, “So not a ‘Desert Rose’ color? Pointing to the T-shirt the CF staff was wearing.

“Absolutely not,” was the quick rejoinder.

With most of the review items taken care of and a couple that are still “works in progress” everyone joined the Scouts in the dining hall for sloppy Joes, potato salad and/or the salad bar.

Thanks to all whose efforts help continue a long tradition.

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