Waste Management suspends services in evacuated areas

Barry Healan, the district operations manager for Waste Management for the Quincy, Greenville and Chester/Lake Almanor areas, said his offices have been receiving numerous phone calls from residences and businesses located inside areas that are under evacuation orders wondering why their trash and recycling has not been picked up.

“We can not and will not be picking up trash and providing any services inside evacuated areas. It’s not safe and we won’t take a chance,” he said.

Regular full service inside those boundaries will resume once the evacuation orders have been lifted.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office also weighed in on the subject. “Garbage service is normally an essential service, but it would not be required nor would they be permitted to access an area under a Mandatory Evacuation Order.”

The only utility services that would be permitted inside an area under a Mandatory Evacuation Order would be a service mitigating a life safety hazard — for example a downed power line, leaking gas line or something similar, as long as it was safe for them to access the area to mitigate the hazard to prevent additional destruction or life safety concern.