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Members of the Lake Almanor Watershed Group, the Maidu Summit Consortium, Sierra Institute and interested Almanor residents talk about ways to create a healthier shoreline around Lake Almanor. The March 21 meeting of the Almanor Shoreline Native Gardens committee was the first in a series that will explore ways to showcase the benefits of native riparian habitat for the benefit of Lake Almanor. Photo by Gregg Scott

Watershed group partners with Maidu for healthier shoreline                                                                                                                            

Member representatives from Lake Almanor Watershed Group, the Maidu Summit Consortium, Sierra Institute and interested members of the community met March 21 to start dialog and planning for the proposed Almanor Shoreline Native Gardens project.

The initial concept is to create a demonstration garden that can showcase the beauty, durability, and flexibility of native plants while helping to capture and filter watershed runoff before it reaches the lake.

This will enhance the scenic beauty of the lakeshore; it will also reduce erosion, provide cleaner water in the lake and healthier ecosystems.

Members of LAWG have been active pursuing ways to improve the health of the Almanor Watershed since 2005.

In this Native Gardens venture the Maidu Consortium is offering some of its shoreline properties as garden sites to be planted with native plants that will provide a showcase to promote and encourage other lakeshore landowners to follow suit.

There were an abundance of good ideas presented along with examples of other communities that have been using similar projects.

Some of the long-term benefits noted in other communities included soil stabilization, runoff water retention, forest health, wildlife habitat enhancement, storm water filtration and in some areas where community vegetable gardens were incorporated, food products were offered to the community.

It was also noted that there are always good educational opportunities associated with community projects like this.

As the “Gardens Committee” proceeds to create and develop new ideas they invite and encourage the community, both individuals and groups, to join them with ideas and support in their efforts to be good stewards of Lake Almanor and the surrounding watershed.

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