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West End Theatre to reopen; auditions for reopening production set for June 22-24

The West End Theatre will be reopening this fall with a heartwarming comedy, On Borrowed Time, by Paul Osborn. Auditions for this production will be held on June 22, 23 & 24 at 5:30 p.m. The show will run the last two weeks of October.

On Borrowed Time  has been referred to as “a cute little comedy about death.” Gramps, a cantankerous old man, is determined to look after and protect his orphaned grandson, Pud, from his conniving Aunt Demetria. When death comes into their lives, personified by the character Mr. Brink, Gramps tricks him with the help of a magical apple tree, and puts an end to death as we know it. Gramps eventually realizes that death is a part of life, and humanity cannot live without it. The necessity of death is thoughtfully contemplated in this story, while providing an endearing picture of a man’s abiding love for his grandson.


Pud – A young boy – (parents killed in a car crash and is being raised by Granny and Gramps – whom he adores!)

Julian Northrup (Gramps) – An older gentleman (Pud’s absolute hero!)

Nellie (Granny) – An older lady

Mr. Brink – Ageless – (aka death)

Marcia Giles – A teen or early twenties female – (she cleans and does odd jobs for Granny and Gramps)

Demetria Riffle – Adult female – (is trying to get Pud away from his grandparents so she can get her hands on his inheritance)

A Boy – A boy in the apple tree

Workmen – Two

Dr. Evans – A man

Mr. Pilbeam – A man

Mr. Grimes – A man – (head of the insane asylum)

Sheriff – A man

Betty – Dog

Directed by Edie O’Connor and Lynnette Choate.

Contact Edie for questions or more information.

The West End Theatre is located at 14 Crescent Street in Quincy, across from the courthouse.

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