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What’s in a name? Quincy co-op wants your input.

Did you know that the original name of Quincy Natural Foods Cooperative in 1978 was Feather River Food Co-op? Quincy Natural Foods Co-op is planning a return to their roots by unifying both the Quincy and Portola locations to their original name – Feather River Food Co-op, but they are looking for input from the community. 

 A bit of historical background
In 1978, the co-op was created under the name Feather River Food Co-op. In 1992, the name was changed to Feather River Co-op Natural Foods Market. In 1995 the name was changed once more to Quincy Natural Foods Co-op, and in 2013, the Feather River Food Co-op was opened in Portola, leaving Quincy Natural Foods Cooperative with two co-ops that have different names.

“The name Quincy Natural Foods Co-op worked well when we were only one store,” General Manager Marcie Wilde explained. “Now that we have expanded into the east side of the county, we need to have a name that fits both locations. After all, we are all located in the beautiful Feather River watershed region!”
“It is difficult to tell from the outside that we are linked as a two-store cooperative since there are two completely different names,” Wilde said. “It will unify us with our second store and create cohesiveness in our marketing and promotional efforts.”

Other thoughts are towards the future, and with the potential to continue to expand to other areas of the county, the name Feather River Food Co-op would continue to be appropriate. “The words “natural foods” do not have the same meaning they used to when co-ops were the only place to buy “natural”. You can find natural products at almost every store you go into,” Wilde added. The co-op wants to have an image that aligns with who they are – a cooperative and not just natural foods.

Quincy Natural Foods is reaching out to ask members of the community to please take their one-question poll to voice your support for this change, and as always, your co-op will continue to provide local, healthy food options for local communities. All feedback is appreciated any time.

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